Taking a Look At The Popularity Of Alcoholic Beverages In The United States

Here in the United States, having an alcoholic beverage is a common thing, with nearly seventy five percent of all members of the Millennial generation partaking in liquor, beer, or wine (or other such alcoholic beverages like spirits) on a regular basis. And more than sixty percent (sixty five percent) of those who are over the age of sixty five drink such beverages on a regular basis as well.

There are many occasions when it is very much acceptable to have a drink or two (or maybe even three). For instance, many people will have a can or beer or a glass of wine with a nice dinner, as the right alcoholic beverage has even been found to complement the food. Drinking at casual get togethers like barbecues is also common, and a cold can of beer on a hot summer’s day is ideal. Some people will even just have a single bottle of beer or glass of wine after a long day of work as a healthy and simple way to relax and wind down, as that amount of alcohol will certainly have no major intoxicating effect.

Of course, bigger and more elaborate events often also incorporate drinking. Weddings often involve copious drinking, celebrating the bride and groom in true boozed up fashion. Of course holidays like St. Patrick’s day, which is thought of as being one of the most alcohol fueled holidays here in the United States, often involve a great deal of drinking. Even the holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas alike, can involve a lot of mulled wine and the like.

For the alcohol enthusiast, you can even incorporate drinking into the birthday celebrations. Beer related gifts have become popular and beer related gifts are especially likely to be found in places like craft breweries, where specialty beer is common. Beer related gifts are ideal from such places, as such beer related gifts will truly be unique. However, just about any and all beer related gifts are likely to be appreciated by the true beer lover.

Beer related gifts can be ideal for a number of occasions too. For instance, beer related gifts are likely to be at home at your typical wedding, though a nice card should also be included. Beer related gifts can even typically be found at your usual wedding shower and might even be better suited to such an event than to the actual wedding itself. Beer related gifts will of course then be ideal for the typical engagement party as well.

Aside from beer related gifts, giving a mixology book or set to the aspiring bartender is likely to be a hit as well. And everything from retro beer shirts to corona products to officially licensed Jack Daniels merchandise can be a great way to show someone that you care. Of course, novelty gifts remain a part of beer related gits, such as gifts that allow you to carry beer around your waist, ideal for the avid college drinker.

But as much as drinking can be enjoyed, it is hugely important to enjoy it in a responsible manner. Binge drinking, for instance, is far too common. If you are not sure what binge drinking is, it is typically referring to drinking more than five drinks within two hours if you are a man and more than four drinks in that same span of time if you are a woman.

Binge drinking can be dangerous in and of itself, as it greatly increases your risk for alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can all too easily prove to be life threatening if not treated seriously and even just blacking out thanks to binge drinking can lead you to make questionable and even dangerous decisions in your life, such as getting behind the wheel of a car while you are intoxicated.

Binge drinking on a regular basis can lead to problems with alcohol dependency. Alcohol dependency can all too easily develop into full blown alcoholism which can make it difficult to continue your life as you would hope to. Unfortunately, alcoholism can lead to a number of health problems as well. Drinking in moderation is very much key.

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