Taking A Much Closer Look At The History And Importance Of Sunglasses Here In The United States

Here in the United States, how to protect our skin from the sun’s potentially harmful effects is relatively common knowledge. After all, there has been much research done on the subject, surrounding both things like the use of tanning beds as well as natural sun exposure. Most of us now know that wearing sunscreen and keeping our skin as covered and out of the sun as is reasonable or possible is of a huge importance, as is going to the doctor whenever a change in skin, such as the development of or change in a mole, is noted.

But protecting our eyes is just as important as protecting our skin, especially since the sun has the potential to have ah hugely damaging impact on unprotected eyes, particularly over the course of time. Fortunately, sunglasses are more widely available than ever before – and do a better job of blocking the sun’s harmful rays than ever before as well. There is certainly no doubt about it that sunglasses play an important role from the youngest of people here in the United States to the very oldest.

After all, sunglasses have been around for far longer than the average person might even realize. In fact, sunglasses can even be dated back to 2,000 years ago. It is thought that sunglasses first originated in ancient China, where they were used not only to block sun, but also to block various facial expressions as well, particularly in the context of a court of law. Of course, in the years that have transpired since, sunglasses have spread to all parts of the world. And sunglasses of today come in all shapes and sizes and varieties, meaning that there is likely a pair of sunglasses out there for just about everyone, particularly here in the United States.

For instance, unbreakable sport sunglasses can be hugely appealing for many an athlete. After all, unbreakable sport sunglasses can be used for many different outdoor sports, such as soccer, beach volleyball, and many others. Unbreakable sport sunglasses are likely to be of a high quality as well, and such unbreakable sport sunglasses can even be good for people who aren’t involved in sports, as these unbreakable sport sunglasses are more likely to withstand the test of time than many a other type of sunglasses.

However, unbreakable sport sunglasses are certainly not the only type of high quality sunglasses available for purchase in just about every single part of the United States. Prescription sunglasses – even prescription sports sunglasses – are hugely popular as well, something that can be attributed to the fact that many people, particularly adults, have vision problems and need to use corrective lenses of some nature at all time. For those who don’t wear contact lenses, the use of prescription sunglasses is a must, both providing them with protective glasses as well as correcting their vision. As a matter of fact, up to three quarters of all adults here in the United States alone use some form of prescription sunglasses in addition to their regular prescription lenses – and such prescription sunglasses are quickly becoming more affordable than ever before, making them more widely accessible than ever.

The quality of sunglasses will also vary from pair to pair, from unbreakable sport sunglasses to wrap around sunglasses. No matter what type of you get, however, it is still likely that some amount of sun protection will still be provided. In fact, even sunglasses that have been created for the purposes of fashion and fashion alone will block at least 70% of all UVB rays. However, investing in a more expensive pair of sunglasses (perhaps even unbreakable sport sunglasses) is likely to be more than worth it, as even just general purpose sunglasses will block an impressive 95% of all UVB rays. And special purpose sunglasses, considerably more expensive but often deemed to be more than worth the price, will protect the wearer’s eyes from up to 99% of the harmful UVB rays that they would otherwise be exposed to without the use of such sunglasses.

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