The Advantages of Fitted Table Cloths

The right tablecloth makes all the difference. Whether you’re a fabric aficionado or just appreciate the beauty of a well-dressed spread, you will agree that the table cloth can say a lot more about the meal, the event, and the person who is putting it on than the food itself. A tablecloth with the right details and the right conveniences can be the ultimate solution when it comes to making sure a meal comes across just right. In addition, a fitted tablecloth cover has even more benefits that can be leveraged to provide an overall more comfortable and better experience for your guests. And fitted tablecloth covers are not just for presenting food. They can be used to dress up nearly any presentation of a table in a way that adds a classy, tasteful touch. Check out some of the best benefits below.

It Holds Up in a Variety of Weather Conditions

There’s nothing quite like an outdoor gathering. When the combination of sun and fresh air meld with food, friends and fun, the experience is instantly upgraded a few notches. However, it can be frustrating when the only think holding down your table cloth is a few glasses. And, of course, the frustration escalates when one of the glasses falls over and the tablecloth transforms into something akin to a majestic bird. Despite the laughs that result, the experience is often a sour one, especially for the host. When you plan something you want it to go right. Popping up on social media, mouth agape in horror, was not how you envisioned things. With a fitted tablecloth cover, on the other hand, there’s no need to worry about this. You simply fit the table cloth on, and everything is nice, tight, snug and tastefully controlled.

The snugness of a fitted tablecloth cover also allows for greater flexibility when setting up an event outside. This is particularly true when it comes to timing the setup. When the wind starts whipping up, you know the tablecloths are going to be tested. You may want to set them up immediately before the event. But the silverware and centerpieces have already arrived. With a fitted tablecloth cover you have the opportunity to set them up right away without having to wait for the right moment. Some people choose to use a normal fitted tablecloth, or fitted tablecloths that cover all the way down to the legs. Others try to get away with using just table clips, which can work as well, too. But because these can sometimes come loose when disturbed by an errant leg or overly active child, a fitted tablecloth cover is the way to go for most situations.

Ease of Use

Because a fitted tablecloth cover goes on so simply, it can save you both time and effort during the setup process. They can slip over the table without a lot of fuss and you can move on to the table. Also, because they go on so easily, it is simple to train staff how to apply them. And because the design is virtually foolproof, there is less of a chance of staff making a mistake during the setup process.

They Are Easy to Coordinate

A fitted tablecloth cover set can come in a variety of colors. Some people tend to lean toward a more neutral color and then allow the napkins or other table linens to stand out. You can also choose to coordinate the entire setup, however. When you talk to your professional supplier, ask them what the options are. Likely, you will find a color that matches what you need. You can also ask about what has worked well for others who have used fitted tablecloths in the past. Which color combinations had the best impact, and which covers were the easiest to match. There are a ton of different options, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

The number of solutions can easily skyrocket when you think of all the various options for fitted table cloth covers. Because they set up and break down so easily, there’s no need to worry about ease of use. They work in a variety of wind conditions and they can match with a number of different colors. They literally have you covered.

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