The Sun’s Glare Is More Than Just Annoying How Prescription Sunglasses For Men Keep You Protected

Taking care of our health is a daily thing. This wisdom extends to our skin, our back and a thousand other little details we have to keep on the backburner of our mind as we move throughout the day. When it comes to your eyes?

There’s no expense too high for making sure you’re able to comfortably navigate the world around you. Whether it’s visiting the eye doctor for your annual check-up or taking a break from the computer when typing a paper, you put forth little efforts here and there throughout the year to make sure you’re always good to go. The weather is getting warmer, so a concern that should be rising to the forefront of your mind is how to stave off the summer glare. Prescription sunglasses for men are designed to block harmful UV rays while making sure you’re still able to see clearly while driving, walking and talking.

Better yet? They can look good while doing so. Let’s see what they have to offer your busy life.

Did You Know?

Before you consider photochromic lenses or athletic sunglasses for those morning jogging excursions, let’s take a look at the state of prescription sunglasses today. Life Magazine recently published an article analyzing the growing popularity of sunglasses in the United States. Just 30% were purchased with the active intent to protect the eyes from sun damage. The rest are considered basic accessories without any meaningful impact on the retina’s health. Believe it or not, protecting the eyes from the sun is also not a new phenomenon. People have worn sun-blocking eyewear for over 2,000 years.

UV Rays Can Harm More Than Just Your Skin

We hear a lot about UV rays as of late, don’t we? They can increase our risk for skin cancer. They can promote premature aging. They can do a lot of things and our eyes are no safer than any other part of our body. Failing to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare can increase sensitivity to the light and speed up your possibility of developing cataracts, particularly if your family has a genetic history of eye-damaging diseases. Prescription sunglasses for men combine the best in medical history and modern fashion.

Sunglasses Are Easily Lost And Damaged

Can you think of the last pair of sunglasses you lost? Perhaps it’s caught between your car door and carseat. Maybe you left it at a friend’s house. This is far from a new story, particularly considering the widespread appeal of a snazzy pair of shades, and investing in prescription sunglasses for men will go a long way in prioritizing them in your mind. Back in 2012 over 95 million units of plano sunglasses were sold in the United States. It’s also estimated an American will lose, break or sit on a pair of sunglasses every 15 minutes.

Designer Sunglasses Are On The Rise

As touched upon above, designer sunglasses have been on the rise. One Luxury Goods Company produces over 75% of the world’s designer sunglasses, with labels such as Chanel and Ralph Lauren all designed and manufactured by the Italian company Luxottica. Today over 75% of American adults wear either Rx or plano sunglasses. When you look into the best mens polarized sunglasses you want more than just to look particularly good at that cocktail party. You want to make sure your eyes are getting the best care possible, whether you’re inside or outside.

Choosing The Right Prescription Sunglasses For Men

The function of polarized sunglasses for sports is their ability to block harmful UV rays while still keeping your surroundings clear. General purpose cosmetic lenses are required to block at least 70% of UVB, with general purpose blocking 95% of UVB as well as UVA light. Special purpose must block up to 99% of UVB, often used for the most sensitive of eyes. Prescription sunglasses for men can be sold at specialty stores, but those with very sensitive eyes are better off meeting with an eye doctor to make sure they’re tailored to suit you.

Taking care of your health is an ongoing thing. Durable polarized sunglasses are just one very stylish way of doing so.