Think Pink! Wearing Pink Camouflage for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There are few things as terrifying to hear from the doctors than the report that they have found a mass of abnormal cells. Immediately, the concern is that it is cancer. When you or a loved one is in this sort of situation, it is imperative that you find the best cancer specialist to work with!

Every oncologist, or cancer specialist, has unique and specific focused areas they generally specialize in. This could be something broad, like pediatric or elderly patients, cancer to a specific area of the body such as the head and neck, or reproductive systems, or even more specific, such as kidney cancer or brain cancer.

When you work with a local oncologist you will be given all the information you need, including a list of all cancers that might be impacting you and what treatment options are available. You and your doctor can go through a list of cancers and treatments and find what will be best suited for your unique situation and health needs.

If you or a loved one has recently found a mass of cancer cells and are not sure where to turn to, contact your local hospital or oncology department and let them get you in touch with someone who can help!

Camouflage crib bedding

Unless you live under rock — which is nearly impossible thanks to social media — you’ve probably seen celebrities and average Joes rocking the camo clothing of some kind. Chances are, you may be camo clad yourself.

According to Time magazine, the camouflage clothing for men and women took off during the 80’s, and has been a staple in the fashion industry ever since. To say that camouflage is a trend is a bit of an understatement, given the fact that trends tend to come and go. Camouflage has shown no signs of going anywhere. In fact, it has inspired a variety of other military-inspired looks and styles, such as lace up boots and pea coats. What was once designed to allow military service members to blend into their surroundings, is now being used by fashionistas to stand out.

In honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month, thousands of supporters and camo fans have decided to think pink by rocking pink camouflage t shirts. Pink camouflage t shirts, in addition to other pink clothing and accessories, are worn by both men and women to pay homage to survivors and fighters of this breast cancer.

However, pink camouflage t shirts and other pink camo gear can be difficult to style if you’re not used to thinking pink. It’s best to wear pink camouflage t shirts with nondescript pants, such as denim jeans. You have can fun playing with the color and tone of the denim, or for a more alternative look, wear ripped or torn jeans. Avoid anything too excessive, as your pink camo t shirt should be the focal point of your outfit.

If you’re looking for a simple, easy and fashionable way to show your support for breast cancer fighters and survivors, considering rocking a pink camo t shirt. Not only will you be showing your support, you’re to gain some major fashion brownie points as well.

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