Three Easy Steps to Shop Online Securely

Secure internet shopping

Sadly, there are many people who ask is it secure to shop online. If you are one of those few, then the short answer is, thankfully, yes. There are easy and quick ways to have a pleasant secure internet shopping experience.

However, that does not mean there are no threats online. Would you go to the mall and wear your cash and credit cards clipped to your shirt or keep it all in the wallet stuffed in your purse or jacket? The latter, right? Well, here are three safe shopping online tips you can follow to easily make sure you enjoy a secure internet shopping experience.

1. Make sure the website you shop on is secure.

The first step on my online safety guide is to check the URL of the website you peruse. At its forefront, you should see HTTP or HTTPS. That little “s” makes a huge difference. In the acronym, it means “secure.” In order to have a truly secure internet shopping experience, shop only on websites that say “HTTPS.”

2. Make sure your own internet connection is secure.

The next part of having a secure internet shopping experience is to lock up that wifi. You can access the settings of your internt via whichever computer you have the router or wifi hooked up to. If you are using the free wifi from a business or leeching off the wifi of your neighbor, then it is not safe to shop. You want to make sure you have a locked, secure, password protected connection when you shop online. This way, your secure internet shopping experience will not have any unnecessary prying eyes that might wander onto your connection.

3. Purchase internet security software.

This software can protect your computer against malware and adware that tries to ruin your safe online shopping experience by persistently attacking your security network and get your bank account or credit care info. Buying firewalls and virus scanner services can help clinch that secure internet shopping experience you so desire.

Hopefully, for those who ask “is online shopping safe,” the answer is yes, so long as you follow those three easy steps. Everyone should be able to enjoy a secure internt shopping experience.

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