Tips for Creating a Designer Inspired Look Using Furniture

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Winter is the perfect time to begin mapping out your spring and summer home renovation and remodeling projects, however, do you really want to put your entire tax refund towards an expensive home renovation?

Sure, home renovations can give your home a fresh, new look, but at what cost? Time is money. Therefore, the more time spent on the project and the more labor involved, the higher the cost. Often times, seemingly simply renovations turn out to be quite a nightmare, and an expensive one at that. This is especially true with older homes whose plumbing, wiring, and other essential components may be outdated. These underlying issues typically aren’t discovered until a renovation is well underway.

When deciding whether or not to take on a complete or home or room renovation project, it’s important to consider more affordable options that can still yield similar if not better results than remodeling. For example, simply swapping out your worn, torn, and outdated living room furniture for modern home furnishings can make a huge difference.

You don’t have to break the bank or use your entire tax refund on on pricey furniture sets in order to achieve a chic, designer-inspired look. In fact, thrift and second-hand stores often have inexpensive, gently used living room furniture in a variety of styles for affordable prices. Add some fun, quirky home furnishing accessories such as pop art, textured rugs, bold lamps, pillows and throw, and you’ve just created a budget friendly cohesive look.

If you feel like you need some inspiration and help with home furnishing ideas, the internet and social media platforms are excellent sources for brainstorming. Site such as Pinterest allow users to “pin” and share ideas with others. Or, you may choose to create your look based off of a favorite piece of living room furniture, such as a coffee table. The possibilities are endless!

The most important part of giving your home a new look is to enjoy the process. Have fun finding inspiration and experimenting with different pieces. There is no right and wrong. Rather, home decorating is a matter of personal taste.

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