Tips To Choosing The Right Hunting Clothing

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If you’ve ever gone hunting, whether you managed to shot something or not, then you understand that there few factors you have to consider. Other than having the best hunting gear which is a must-have for any serious hunter, you also have to know the appropriate apparel to wear. Like in most outdoor recreational activities, you also need to have the right apparel in hunting. This is not only an essential for protection against the tough hunting ground, but it also helps in blending with the rest of your surroundings.

When heading out to the outdoors and you are not sure what to what to wear, keep in mind these three vital layers of clothing to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

First Layers
Also referred to as the base layer, this is the first layer next to your skin and perhaps the most important. This layer helps to control your body temperature by wicking moisture away from your skin. If you’ve ever gone bouldering or rock climbing with a cotton t-shirt on, you must remember feeling damp and sweaty. Cotton is one of the materials that are not good for absorbing perspiration and can make you uncomfortable during the hunting session.

For maximum outdoor comfort, ensure your base layer is covered up with a snug fit synthetic fiber material that eliminates moisture build up from the skin. You get to stay cool during summer hunting season and warm enough to survive chilly winter. This layer can comprise of clothes such as bras, briefs, underwears, bottoms and tops, t-shirts, tights and any light clothing that can absorb sweat.

Middle Layers
This is the insulation layer and it’s usually made of lightweight and breathable clothes that are easy to wear and remove when needed. Clothes in this layer are generally made of materials such as wools, nylon, and other middle-layers fabrics. Although the primary work for middles layers is to insulate heat, it can still regulate your body temperature.

Fibers such as wool and goose are essentially the best insulators. Wool is ideal for keeping the body warm even when it’s raining. Goose, on the other hand, is ideal for cold, windy and dry areas due to its superior warmth-to-weight ratio insulation ability. Fleece is the common middle layer clothing that most hunters wear and it comes in three weights, which are lightweight, midweight and expedition.

Outer Layer
The shell layer which makes the third layer shields you from harsh weather conditions like heavy rains, strong winds or snow. With this layer, the two most vital features to look at are breathability and waterproof capability. Clothes in this layer are made of a hi-tech material that allows moisture to escape easily and resist water.

Although this layer may not be necessary if you are hunting in optimal climate conditions, it’s important you still make it part of your hunting gear just in case weather changes while you are out there. When choosing a shell layer, be sure that it’s spacious enough to accommodate other layers and not feel bulky. But they should also fit well to offer the utmost protection your a looking for. Most mountaineering jackets, ski jackets, and plastic raincoats make a perfect outer layer clothing for hunting.

When going out to hunt, keep in mind these three layers of protective clothing as well as the right hunting gear to ensure your hunting trip is not only successful but also fun. If you are not sure what type of clothing to pick, consider visiting a sports store for inspiration. They often stock variety of adventure clothing from sports to recreational apparels.

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