Traditional, Modern Or Country The Number One Home Decor That’s Withstood The Test Of Time

You can’t go wrong with the classics. This goes for music. It goes for food.

When you want to imbue a little charm into your home? You take a look at decades long past and appreciate all the old-fashioned efforts that have been forgotten in the modern day. The Victorian era is still one of the most iconic periods in Western history, due in no small part to their incredible eye for detail in everyday objects. Delicate boudoir pillow cases, white cotton pajamas, even down to the embroidered tissue box cover.

Hold dignity and class in the palm of your hand. Whether a gift for a friend or a reward to yourself, there’s a lot to enjoy.

The History Of Victorian Art

Even as we barrel toward the future at a breakneck pace, there are some things we just never forget. It’s why classic and antique decor has remained a popular choice for many American homeowners today, giving even modern furniture a run for its money. One aesthetic study found nearly 45% of respondents stating their home’s overall look leans toward traditional. Eclectic and country follow behind at 14% and 10%, respectively. When you find yourself dreaming of quaint details and soft textures, all you have to do is take a few steps back.

Home Decor’s Influence On Our Mood

How often do you think about the design of your living room? The comfort of your master bedroom? You shouldn’t be feeling frustrated or cramped every time you return home, but sometimes that’s the way of it when your interior design starts to fall behind. A HomeGoods survey revealed a mere one out of five Americans today feel happy about their home decor. That’s a lot of people being frustrated when they should be relaxed. A lackluster or cluttered home has even been found to promote higher rates of anxiety and irritability.

Popular American Interior Design Trends

We’ve touched on which design trends stand out most to people today. What other additions to the home are starting to see a surge in popularity? Look no further than sleep patterns. The average American today has a lot of barriers toward a good night’s rest, whether from a sleeping disorder or messy sheets. A study on sleep habits found three-quarters of respondents stating they get a more comfortable night’s rest on clean sheets. There were similar attitudes toward white cotton pajamas and their variations, emphasizing the need for a silky texture when it’s time to visit dreamland.

Finding High Quality Materials

Not all white cotton pajamas are made the same. This goes for boudoir pillow covers, linen guest towels and just about any form of functional decoration you want to imbue in your home. Not only should your products look appealing, they should be easy to maintain and always silky soft. Thread count is a good way of determining the quality of your products. This is a term used to denote the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric, horizontally and vertically. Percale is cotton woven with a 200 thread count or higher, considered more durable than cotton satin.

Simple Ideas To Enhance Your Home

When you’re weary of a home that doesn’t embrace you every time you come home from work, or just seems like it’s a few additions shy of its full potential, you take a leaf out of the Victorian era’s book. White cotton pajamas pair wonderfully with clean silk sheets, creating a comfortable environment that will make it much easier to drift off after a long day. A decorative pillow can breathe new life into your sofa arrangement. Little embroidered cocktail napkins can even be a treat to yourself when the next family gathering comes around for the holidays.

The next time you’re feeling classy, there’s a cute cotton dress or embroidered napkin to turn your fantasy into a reality.

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