Two Important Reasons to Get the Best Fire Resistant Clothing

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Did you know that firefighter injuries cost between $2.8-7.8 billion per year? However, firefighters must wear a wide variety of personal protective equipment in order to remain safe. As a result, fire resistant, or FR, clothing has become available. There are several benefits of wearing this type of clothing, as it is an effective way to remain safe while battling fires.

– Many items of clothing to choose from. Fire resistant clothes are available in countless varieties. Fire retardant jackets, for example, are designed to resist high levels of heat, while high visibility t shirts are vibrantly luminous so that firefighters can remain detectable even in thick, dark smoke. This means that when you wear fire resistant jackets and high visibility t shirts, you will be able to fight fires more safely.

– Advanced engineering. Fire resistant fabrics are chemically engineered to repel flames. In fact, FR properties are built right into this clothing at a molecular level. This means that no matter how often you wash these clothes, their FR properties will never weaken. Considering that most flame resistant fabrics blend different fibers together in order to contain fires, it is no wonder that advanced engineering techniques are used to help keep firefighters protected.

In order to remain safe while fighting fires, it is important to obtain FR clothing. This is because fire resistant clothes are available in countless varieties, and also because this clothing is engineered to help repel flames. As a result, you will be able to stay protected while battling fires when you acquire FR clothing.

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