Using Sparklers to Light Up Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding sparkler send off

If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your wedding celebration, how about giving guests some smoke free sparklers to light up? Sparklers to light up the send-off, to add a little fizz to the toasts, or to create an arc of light for the new-wedded. Smoke free sparklers are a great addition to a wedding ceremony, giving it an unusual touch that guests will talk about for a long time and copy at their own events. Sparklers for weddings come in different shapes and sizes, giving you a number of choices for how to use them.

Adding sparkle to the toasts
A simple touch like putting a couple of sparklers next to every plate can make the banquet a lively affair. Ask guests to light up their sparklers for the cake cutting or the best man’s speech to give a little fizz to the proceedings. It helps them feel like they’re part of the event, and makes for great photographs as well.

A brilliant send-off
Guest can use smoke free sparklers to create an arc of light for the couple to walk through. It makes a nice change from rice or flowers. Or you can save them for the dancing, having guests create a circle of light for the father-daughter waltz.

Decorating with sparklers
Smoke free sparklers are a way to make any event a brilliant success. Sparklers last for just a few minutes, but the fleeting spectacle creates memories that will last for years and perhaps inspire your guests to use them at other events. They will certainly make your wedding celebration one of the most-talked-about for years.

What kind are the best sparklers to use at a wedding party?
There are several different kinds of sparklers that you can use for a wedding party. These come in various length and burn for different times. There are the 10 and 20 inch sparklers. These will last for two-and-a-half minutes. The 36 inch sparklers last nearly four minutes.
Wedding sparklers are meant to be used indoors, which is why it’s best to choose special smoke free sparklers for your event rather than just shop at a regular fireworks store. If you’re planning to use wedding sparklers, planners suggest that you get enough for at least three-fourths of to the guests.
It’s a good idea to limit them to adults. As always around fireworks, children should be adequately supervised. Smoke free sparklers last much longer than the ones you’re used on the Fourth of July, so you can plan different ways to incorporate them into the ceremony. They’re also longer, with a very long handle, which minimizes risks of accidents.

So no matter how you decide to use wedding sparklers – to light up the send-off, as cake decorations, or to add a unique touch to the banquet, you will have a unique and memorable event.

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