Webbing’s Many Applications!

Polyester strap

You might remember the webbing straps buckles and belts that used to be outrageously popular in the early 2000’s (and still remain popular today), but did you know that the material, webbing, is used in a number of different applications. Here are a few of the other uses, apart from fashion apparel, that utilize webbing strap buckles!


One popular sport that puts webbing straps buckles to use is rock climbing. The webbing is used in slings, runners, harnesses, anchor extensions and even quickdraws. Because of its design, webbing is incredibly strong and can support hundreds of pounds. Webbing is more comfortable, a lot less bulky than former mehtods of tying rope around the waist. Nowadays, there are elaborate configurations of webbing for rock climbing, which includes leg loops.


Race cars use webbing to secure the drivers to the seats safely and effectively. These racing harnesses that use webbing straps buckles have been around for years, but now the polyester kind of webbing straps buckles are growing in popular because of their increased strength, and lower rate of elongation under stressful loads.


The British military in particular uses a lot of webbing straps buckles for its equipment, like belts, packs and pouches. The system of webbing that the British Army uses today is known as the Personal Load Carrying Equipment, and informally referred to as “webbing.”

If you have any questions about webbing straps buckles, or its other uses, feel free to ask in the comments!

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