Wedding Bands, Engagement Rings, and Customized Jewelry — The Numbers

Gold wedding bands

Personalized jewelry, especially wedding and engagement rings, are a big part of our culture today. But how much do YOU know about wedding bands and engagement rings?

$4,000 The average amount of money paid by couples for engagement rings in 2012.

26.3% The percentage of couples who choose to personalize their wedding bands and create custom engagement rings.

18 The number of carats in the sapphire engagement ring given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. Bonus fact: after the engagement occurred, gemstone engagement rings grew in popularity and sapphire became the most popular colored gemstone to use in custom engagement rings.

20% The percentage of increase in men’s jewelry sales in the past year, with a large part of the sales focusing on men’s wedding bands or His and Hers wedding bands.
16% The percentage of annual engagements that take place in December, and also the highest percentage occurring in one month. In other words, December is officially the most romantic month out of the year.

3 The number of months, on average, spent by men looking for engagement rings.

The industry for wedding and engagement rings has been a significant part of the general jewelry industry for many years now, and it appears that it will remain in this place for many years to come.

Regardless of whatever value may have placed on wedding bands and engagement rings in the past, they certainly hold a great deal of value now. Couples are putting more emphasis on buying or creating unique engagement rings and wedding bands which emphasize personality over financial status, and it’s easier than ever to find beautiful and affordable engagement rings which accomplish just that. Visit here for more information.

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