What Are Roman Window Shades?

Do you need a new set of window shades? Custom roman shades might be a great choice for your windows. This video by blinds.com goes into detail on what roman shades are and the benefits they can offer your space.

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Not many people know what roman shades are. They are drape-like shades that combine the style and fabric selection of designer custom window coverings. People like to refer to roman shades as the best of both worlds because they offer control over custom shade, and a luxurious feel. They come in materials ranging from cotton to 100% silk, and that’s a benefit that blinds can’t offer. There is a pattern out there for everyone. If you are unsure of which style you want, you can order samples from blinds.com to help you decide before you buy.

whether you are going for a more traditional look, or a sleek modern look, there is a shade out there for you. There are cord-free options and even motorized options. You truly can’t go wrong when choosing roman shades for your home. Watch the full video to learn more about all the different styles and materials blinds.com offers for roman shades.


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