What’s In A Look? The Growing Appeal Of Old-Fashioned Watches In Modern Fashion

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It seems like old fashion trends are becoming fresh all over again. It can even give you hope that something you used to love will once again be deemed the next big thing.

The watch has gone through some peculiar ups and downs these past few decades. You can probably remember a time where everyone used to wear one (or own several), both for the purposes of telling time and displaying a little panache. Nowadays? Everyone can easily tell the time on their phone, rendering these fascinating devices almost obsolete. History is bound to repeat itself and the elegance of a watch is starting to see a comeback. A used ladies Rolex or mens used Rolex may prove a fascinatingly unexpected gift.

Which fashion trends have seen a resurgence these days? Quite a few, with the Internet being a major contributor to all sorts of retro revivals. Thick-rimmed glasses used to be seen as a relic of the 70’s. Now they’re one of the most popular styles for younger and older crowds. Floral prints were seen as rather gaudy at one point, only to prove a fun and cute way of adding some charm to a simple pair of jeans. The watch is just another manifestation of an old (or is it new?) perspective, offering a touch of functionality and a wealth of style to nearly any outfit.

Telling the time wasn’t always as easy as glancing at your phone. This basic function has taken on many forms over the centuries, with some of the world’s most ancient societies relying on complex methods of keeping track of the day. The ancient Egyptians used to parse up a given day into multiple periods with the use of an obelisk, while the sundial was found in very old Babylonian ruins. You may be familiar with the classic image of an hourglass, ideal for telling time in short periods. Even the pendulum clock wouldn’t be made until the mid 1600’s. When you stop to think about it, the watch truly is a marvel of human ingenuity.

Quality watches are able to tell the time as accurately as possible while providing your look with a little extra sheen. Each new watch presented over the years was designed to beat the one that came before, even if it was as simple as telling the time down to the closest millisecond. The classic sound of a watch ‘ticking’ is created by the inner escape wheel striking the pallet. The very first waterproof wrist watch was crafted all the way back in 1926. This was practically unheard of at the time, as water mixed with electronics always meant bad news. Who was responsible for such an achievement?

Look no further than real Rolex watches for sale. Rolex has been the leading manufacturer of high quality watches for a long time. It takes around a year to make just one watch, a testament to its hard-earned reputation. The Rolex GMT Master holds the distinction of being the very first watch to track two time zones at once. Not only are these still functional in our modern society, their unparalleled beauty will make sure any ensemble simply glows with personality. A used ladies Rolex watch can prove a romantic gift to decorate a significant other’s wrist. Silky black Omega used watches may prove more traditional for others.

What does a person get out of a used ladies Rolex? Studies have helped immensely in determining the presence of a watch in everyday society and its influence on an everchanging (yet surprisingly similar) modern audience. Around 25% of watch buyers said they wear a watch to make a statement. It’s thought as many as one in eight watch wearers also seek out a fancy watch as a status symbol. Whichever reason means most to you, a used ladies Rolex is a smart choice. They come in gold-plated models and gold-filled models, which is nothing to say of the various designs available to you.

Become a trendsetter. Consider investing in a watch this year next time you want to shake up your look.

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