Whether It’s a Day at Work or a Night on the Town, Here’s How You Can Choose a Great Pair of Cowboy Boots

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Next to cowboy hats, cowboy boots are some of the most popular types of western wear out there. These western style boots are known for their vibrant designs, ornamentation, and versatility and are worn by people all over the world today. However, the broader category of western boots encompasses many styles than can suit all different lifestyles.

Whether you need something for work that can withstand tough conditions or you’re looking for something stylish for your wardrobe, there are plenty of options when it comes to western boots. Here are three types of boots you could consider for your needs:

1. Western Work Boots

Work boots are necessary in a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors, to help workers stay safe on the job. While these boots will maintain the general structure of a traditional cowboy boot, certain features will be altered to provide more comfort during the work day. For example, the heel will be lower, and there should be more room in the toes. Western style work boots should also have steel toes, which are necessary for safety when working around heavy objects or machinery.

2. Western Riding Boots

For those who prefer to go horseback riding or participate in other activities outdoors, riding boots are an optimal choice. These boots typically sit at around the ankle and are made for horseback riding or ranching duties. Like work boots, they are typically sturdy, comfortable, and designed for safety. For those who participate in equestrian sports, these boots may have a bit more flair to them.

3. Stylish New and Vintage Western Boots

Finally, plenty of people look to new and vintage western boots to enhance their style. Some like to look for the latest styles to keep up with trends, while others may prefer vintage western boots for a more classic style. These boots come in all different colors and styles, with different boot and heel heights depending on wearer preference. The important thing to remember with any pair of cowboy boots, new or old, is that they require proper cleaning once they’ve been worn, so they will have a longer life. Make sure to remove dust and dirt from them after each wear, too, whether the leather is finished and shiny or unfinished and worn-in.

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