Why, Exactly, Do People Wear Camouflage? The Answer Isn’t as Hard to See as You’d Think

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Many people wear camouflage on a casual basis, and just as many people seem very perplexed about that. It isn’t any great mystery why people wear camouflage though; here are three reasons a lot of people choose to wear camo in their everyday attire:

1. To Show Support for Troops

Military camouflage was popularized in the United States military during World War One. Every branch of the military wears camouflage of some kind. With all that history, it’s impossible to separate the military connotations associated with camouflage clothes. Whether it’s womens camo clothes or mens, those camo clad folk are showing an affiliation with the military in some sense; many people wear the camo clothing to show that very connection with the military. Whether it’s because they have a family member or a friend in the military or because they are just very patriotic, camo clothing is a great way to keep a physical reminder that your loved one is out there somewhere protecting and serving.

2. To Connote Toughness

Because of that connotation with the military, camo clothes also connote toughness. Many people wear camouflage clothes to show that they are tough individuals that shouldn’t be messed with. Even camo bathing suits carry that connotation, although it’s hard for anyone to look very intimidating in a bathing suit. Camo clothes aren’t necessarily worn to intimidate though; sometimes that persona is just something a person feels comfortable inhabiting. Although the people that wear camouflage for this reason don’t need to hear it, don’t be self conscious about wearing those camo bathing suits! You’re not alone!

3. To Signify a Hobby

Apart from the military, the other big thing associated with camouflage is hunting. Hunters don’t just wear camouflage when they’re on the hunt though; just as people wear sports clothing to signify that they’re a fan of sports, or band tee shirts to show love for their favorite bands, so do hunters and fans of hunting wear camouflage to show their love for the activity. Why do you wear camouflage? For more information see this: www.justcamo.com

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