Why You Should Donate Your Clothing Instead Of Throwing It Away

To donate clothes is to benefit the world in a number of ways. For one thing, those who donate clothes join the more than 95% of all people in this country giving back charitably, something that shows a widening social conscience for those that have less and are in need of more than they do. In addition to this, when you donate clothes you keep these clothing items out of the landfills, something that makes charitable clothing donations all the more important indeed.
After all, up to ten and a half million tons of textile products will end up in a United States landfill over the course of just one single year. This means that the average American adult is actually throwing away more than 80 total pounds of textile goods over the course of the year. Not only is this creating a growing waste problem not just faced here in the United States but all throughout the world in its entirety, but it’s only adding to the demand for new goods like clothing, something that also puts a considerable strain on the Earth’s resources. After all, there is no planet B and taking care of the one that we’ve got should really be a top priority for more people than it currently is.
To donate clothes is one great step in the right direction, especially when you consider the fact that just about everyone and anyone can donate clothing in some form. If you’re looking to donate clothing, take a quick look inside of your closet. As many people have found when they go to donate clothing, there is more there – and more that they don’t really need – than expected. After all, the average woman today will have as many as 30 outfits in total, meaning that she has one for just about every single day of the month. This marks a dramatic increase from the average of 9 total outfits that a woman living in the United States back in the year of 1930 would have had. Therefore, it is clear to see that taking the time to donate clothing is not a huge deal for most people.
But when choosing to donate clothing, how do you choose which clothing will actually end up being donated? For one thing, get rid of all clothing that does not fit. An easy way to donate clothing is letting go of such pieces, as most of us have gained or lost weight at some point in our lives. Letting go of clothing that you have not worn for at least six months (if you live in a one or two season climate) is also a good way to donate clothing. And you should also simply donate clothing that you no longer like anymore, clothing that is not doing much more in your closet than taking up space.
And fortunately, more and more people are taking the time to donate clothing because it has become easier to do than ever before. If you’re wondering where can I donate clothes, you’ll likely have a number of different options readily available to you already. As a matter of fact, organizations that accept clothing donations are found all throughout the United States. Veterans charities take donated clothes, as too does the American Red Cross. Donating to a charity like the American Red Cross can be ideal, as such as charity allows for services to be offered to those who are in need pretty much around the clock. Therefore, charities such as the American Red Cross are typically always in need of donations of various kinds.
At the end of the day, there are many reasons to donate to one charitable organization or the next. After all, there are may things that you can gain from it yourself, such as sorting through your closet and only keeping the pieces that you’ll really use and benefit from – something that can have a hugely decluttering impact on your life, which is typically quite positive indeed. Ultimately, even doing something small like taking the time to donate clothing can have an impact – and is certainly far better than doing nothing at all, to say the very least.

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