Why You Should Stock Wrapping Paper In Bulk This Holiday Season

Bulk gift wrap

Wondering how you can start bolstering sales around the holidays? Consider investing in wrapping paper in bulk. With Christmas and New Year’s around the corner (not taking into account office parties and birthdays), this is one of the most essential components of any proper celebration. Bulk Christmas wrapping paper and wholesale gift wraps are regularly sold out at grocery stories and specialty shops around the country when the cold season hits, so you’ll never be at a lack of options to present to your customers once you start analyzing your bottom line.

Industry Figures

Wrapping paper in bulk is an incredibly popular choice sought out by consumers year after year. According to surveys by Hallmark, a stunning $3 billion of gift wrap and similar accessories are sold on a yearly basis across the country. Just two years ago the total holiday season sales for retail were expected to exceed $863 billion, with around $73 billion coming strictly from e-commerce.

Customer Preferences

Did you know one in four people admit that gift wrapping puts them more into the holiday spirit than shopping for presents does? Ongoing studies have been sent out to countless retailers in order to help store owners assess the needs of their client base. Nearly three in four adults are more likely to purchase gift wrap supplies and wrap the presents themselves while only one in five will put items in a gift bag instead of wrapping them. While it doesn’t hurt to have both, wrapping paper in bulk will clearly take precedence in terms of the most popular and beloved shopping choice.

E-Commerce Sales

Online shopping is only going to get more popular from here on out. When customers are too busy or tired to visit their favorite stores they’ll turn to online choices instead. Over 46% of all holiday shopping now happens online and over 90% of shoppers do their best to take advantage of free shipping when searching for wrapping paper, gift bags and tissue paper.

Lesser Known Facts

There are some interesting little tidbits about the nature of gift wrapping in the United States. It takes around 35 seconds to unwrap a Toyota Prius wrapped in gift wrapping paper, while two in three Americans will buy a Father’s Day gift for someone in their life. The average person will spend nearly $805 during the holidays and, according to a Scotch brand tapes survey, over half of the adults surveyed will save and re-use wrapping paper. Overall? Commercial gift wrap is only going to get more popular as technology gets better.

Choosing Wrapping Paper In Bulk

What makes wrapping paper in bulk so special? It’s one of the most popular choices for customers during the holidays for its special brand of cheer and individuality, allowing them to truly show their family and friends how much they care. Wrapping paper providers also offer a wide variety of colors and styles for people to choose from and can make or break a business’ success during Christmas and New Year’s. If you want to remain a prime option for consumers over the next few months, choose wrapping paper in bulk.

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