10 Creative Ideas if You Have Too Many Reusable Bags

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As we become more conscious of saving our Earth and not being so wasteful we’ve surprisingly come upon a roadblock. Now that we try not to be wasteful and stock up on plastic bags that we eventually just throw out, we’ve ended up stocking up on reusable bags… that we eventually throw out. If you’re concerned with the number of totes or grocery bags you have, here is a list of 10 ideas of what to do with them.

  1. Reuse for Shopping
    The first idea is the most obvious one, but one that still needs to be stated. You have all those bags for a reason. Use the bags to shop, but not just at the grocery store. Use them when you’re buying shoes, when you’re shopping for makeup, or whatever else.
  2. Give to Friends
    One other idea is to share some bags with friends. Even if you use multiple bags for different shops like suggested above, you might have more lying around. If you worry that you have too many bags, and don’t know what to do with them, this is a great solution.
  3. Use Them for Holidays
    Is there a holiday coming up when you’ll need to use some bags? Perfect, this is a great time to use the leftover totes you have stocked up. Give your kids a reusable bag to stuff with candy on Halloween. Then, come Easter you can use some of the bags to fill up with eggs they found in the backyard.

  4. Everyday Use
    It’s also a great idea to use these bags for everyday use. Have your kids use the bags for their school books. Use one as a bag for the gym. Some other uses could be bags for camping trips, bags to carry food over for pot lucks, and whatever other everyday event.
  5. A Custom Wine Bag
    Do you have a trusted brand of vino that you drink regularly. Do you have anywhere to put it? Make a reusable bag your go to wine bag. You can even spruce it up to make it look like a real custom wine bag. That said, if you are really a fan of wine, it’s best to invest in a real custom wine bag. They offer great protection and style for your bottle of choice.
  6. Use for Storage
    Next, you can use the bags as a great way to store things. This could be anything at all. From toys and dolls for your kids, to places to put shoes or folders. The only limit is your imagination. Using these bags as storage also allows for more space than drawers or something of that sort would.
  7. Hold Recyclables
    Since you’re recycling anyway, might as well use the bags for your other recyclables. Use reusable bags to store plastic bottles and newspapers. Not only does it save space, but it also is a great way to help the Earth too.
  8. Donate the Bags
    Just like how you can give the bags over to some friends, you can also give them over to those less fortunate. Whenever you next donate to a food drive, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter, make sure to drop off a few of these reusable bags as well. They need them more than you do anyway.
  9. A New Pillow Case
    Do you have a few new throw pillows or want to buy some? Use these bags as a new case for the pillows. They give a very rustic and stylish look to the house, give your crafting hands something to do, and are cost effective as well. All of this makes some new tote bag pillows a great next DIY project.
  10. Bags for Sales
    Speaking of crafting, do you have bags for when you go out and sell some of your goods? Whether you make jewelry, pottery, or whatever else, you need a bag to put your product in when you’ve made a sell. Using these reusable bags for that purpose is a great idea. That helps you get rid of any extra bags and it creates a better experience for your customers.

If you find yourself with an overabundance of reusable bags, don’t worry. From custom wine bags to new pillow cases, there are many different options out there for how to use them.

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