3 Reasons to Have Flowers Delivered

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Holidays are opportunities for getting together with family and friends, for traveling and discovering, for gifting and receiving. But most importantly, it is an opportunity to express gratitude and love — whether it is for your mom on Mother’s day, the harvest on the fall equinox, or the gift of life and forgiveness during the various winter holidays. Humankind has craftily invested a culture that is punctuated by these holidays, which have, among other things, become an opportunity for commercial purchases — but there is no reason that love for life, yourself, or other people can’t be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Flowers are traditionally given on holidays — especially on Mother’s Day, when $1.9 billion is spent on flowers. They are also used as amorous tools — 73% of flowers are bought by men on Valentine’s Day, and 86% of people say that receiving flowers makes them feel special.

But what about have flowers delivered for another reason? Check out these three ideas for having flowers delivered that slightly deviate from the norm:

To Someone You Feel Grateful To
None of us would be able to make it through this crazy thing called life without other people and their support. Why not have flowers delivered to the person to whom you feel grateful for, for any reason? The sentiment will not go unnoticed.

To Someone You Miss
Send flowers in a completely platonic way to someone you miss — an old friend, a cousin who moved across the country, your daughter or son. Don’t be afraid to send flowers for any reason — they are essentially the embodiment of your positive vibes after all. This is why florists provide sympathy flowers.

Someone Who Works Hard
Use your intuition, and try to read how the people around you are feeling and doing. Maybe you’ve noticed that the doorman at your office, who is always attentive and helpful, has been feeling down lately. Maybe a school administrator who has helped you before looks haggard lately. Spread joy and love, and brighten their day a bit by visiting a florist shop for some prime blossoms.

Don’t be afraid to send flowers to anyone you think you use some added beauty, fragrance, and love in their life.

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