Best the Best Bed Sheets for the Best Nights’ Sleep

Flat sheets

There are numerous studies indicating that American adults do not get enough sleep due to an inability to fall asleep as well as an inability to stay asleep. The overall lack of sleep can cause concentration problems, lack of motivation, and general fatigue.

Many professionals have suggested make small changes to improve the quality of sleep, which can also improve the amount of time a person stays asleep. Common suggestions include not watching television in bed, making the room cooler at night, and ensuring that the bed is comfortable.

One way to make your bed more comfortable is by using the best quality bed sheets. Consumers have many choices when it comes to sheets including cotton, jersey knit, flannel, wool, linen, and satin. Many consumers, however, do not realize which option is truly the best for a good night?s sleep.

Linen, which is made from flax fibers, is the best fabric option when choosing sheets. Research shows that linen will stay cooler in the summer decreasing the amount a person perspires by 1.5 times compared to cotton and even more when compared to viscose fabrics.

Flax fiber is one of the oldest natural textiles. It has been used for over 9000 years, which attests to its quality and durability. Flax is one of the strongest fibers out there, which means linen sheets will last longer making them more cost effective. Flax fiber is two to three times stronger than cotton fiber.

Additionally, flax fiber gets even stronger when wet, so linen sheets will hold up better and keep their shape better when washed compared to cotton and other types of sheets. Linen sheets are also significantly more absorbent, which means they stay cool and dry to the touch.

While keeping you cool in the summer, they will also keep you warm in the winter due to their tight knit and ability to maintain dryness. Many people assume flannel or wool sheets are better for the winter months because they seem warm and cozy. However, they also suck in moisture, so they quickly cool when they come in contact with sweat.

Additionally, flannel and wool sheets take a great deal of time to dry and do not hold up nearly as well as linen when washed. This makes them significantly less practical and more costly because they will need replaced more often. This is added to the fact they don’t, in fact, keep you warmer than linen bed sheets can.

Linen won’t collect static electricity the way cotton will, which is also beneficial. You don?t have to worry about waking up and shocking yourself in the morning as you get up and start your day. This stands true even in really dry weather where static electricity is more often a problem.

Overall, research shows that women are more likely to identify the impact comfort has on their sleep quality. Over 50% of women see a comfortable mattress and bed sheets as a sleep aid. This is compared to only 40% of men. The average person will spend one-third of their life in bed, so it stands to reason that you should be comfortable while you?re there.

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