4 Ways To Change Your Approach To Back-To-School Shopping

When it comes to back-to-school shopping, there’s usually a lot of excitement. Kids are eager to see their friends after a long summer and eager to show off their latest tee shirt, knit cap or pair of jeans.

For young teens, back-to-school shopping is all about finding the right outfit and the possibilities are endless. Does a certain tee shirt go with this pair of jeans? Do these shoes match this hat? Whether a young teen keeps it simple with a tee shirt and jeans or opts for layering or adds accessories to their look, the only barrier is the imagination. With that in mind, here are some fashion tips for middle-schoolers.

  • Share Clothes: Siblings are often some of a child’s first friends and one fashion tip is to share clothing with siblings. If there’s a sizeable age difference, this idea isn’t for everyone. But if there isn’t a sibling rivalry, one of the best things to do is share clothing. A big sister can help a little sister look “cool” by giving them some fashion tips and if two siblings are the same age, there’s nothing wrong with swapping outfits, especially if your sibling has an outfit you think looks good.

    There’s plenty of benefit in sharing clothes and there are plenty of tips for parents who want to encourage clothes sharing among siblings.
  • Layer and Add Some Accessories: If you’re a middle-schooler, you might have a favorite tee shirt, but unless you do laundry every night, you can’t wear it every day. The same thing goes for those who have the same look every day. If you feel your look is getting a bit stale, don’t be afraid to change it up. Throw a jacket over a tee shirt in cooler weather, layer tee shirts, layer tee shirts with long sleeved shirts. You can even try finding cold weather accessories such as scarves or knit hats to stay fashionable in the winter and early spring.

    Don’t be afraid to add some accessories too. For girls, add some bracelets to your look. For guys, try adding a belt or a chain or even a beanie hat. Pinterest offers plenty of ideas to freshen up your style and add some cool accessories.
  • Fashion Apps: As Apple likes to say, “There’s an app for that.” Today’s middle-schoolers are all about technology and whether you’ve got an iPhone or an Android, there are dozens of fashion apps for today’s young teens to find out about all the latest style trends. You can take picture of clothes you already own and get outfit suggestions and many of them offer style tips.

    With so many fashion apps available, the possibilities are endless.
  • Branch Out When Shopping: Going to the mall to all the popular name-brand stores is a great way to catch up on the latest fashion trends, but it can also get expensive and it’s not the only option for clothes shopping. If you’re looking for stylish, out-of-the-box type clothing to add to your back to school collection, consider thrift stores or vintage stores. You’re not going to be getting clothes from the Stone Age and you just might find something fun and unique.

    There are many many advantages to thrift shopping and many advantages to vintage clothing; the only limit is the imagination.

By branching out, young teens can give themselves a whole new sense of style for the new school year. Using fashion apps, seeking out many types of clothing stores and adding accessories can change a style from drab to fab and make a fashion-sensible guy or girl the envy of their friends.

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