Growth Within the Footwear Industry and the Popularity of Sneaker With No-Tie Laces

People throughout the world purchase a variety of footwear. By 2020, the global market is expected to be valued at $220.2 billion. Industry growth is also expected within the United States. Between 2018 to 2021, for example, projections indicate that this growth will consist of 2.6% a year. It’s also interesting to note that according to recent estimates, the sneaker resale market alone is worth over $1 billion.

Data indicates that United States’ consumers spend roughly $29.75 billion every year on footwear. Even though 2018 isn’t over yet, the footwear industry has already experienced $83.78 million in sales. Each person that has purchased footwear this year has spent about $255.55. There’s an excellent chance that many consumers have spent even more on quality footwear.

There are so many types of popular footwear. When it comes to providing comfortable footwear for children, for instance, sneakers are often at the top of the list. One of the many reasons for this is that quality sneakers provide the necessary support they need. While some children learn how to tie their shoelaces with ease, others experience challenges. Given this, classes were actually developed in Brisbane, Australia, for the express purpose of teaching this skill. These 30-minute classes were designed for children between the ages of five to eight.

A recent worldwide survey found that it’s easier for many young children to use smartphone apps than tie their shoelaces. The results showed that 19% of the participating children between the ages of two to five could use a smartphone app. Just nine percent of these children could tie their sneakers’ shoelaces, however.

Are you looking for unique shoelaces such as no-tie sneaker laces? Whether you’re interested in sneaker laces for yourself or your children, there’s an excellent chance you’ll appreciate the ease and convenience of Ombre no tie shoelaces. It’s also nice to know that blue Ombre shoelaces are available to add a splash of color. Ombre no tie shoelaces are especially great for young children so that their traditionally-laced sneakers can be transformed into slip-ons. Just imagine how happy and proud your children will be when they’re able to put on their shoes by themselves!

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