Keep Within Your Budget For Prom By Renting Big-Ticket Items

Statistics show that the prom industry has an estimated value of about $4 billion, which is due to more than 40 million teenagers in America. Of course, high school culture dictates that prom is a special event that all teenagers should experience at least once. Yet the price of all the accoutrements that go along with this one night can get pricy. Here’s a brief rundown on how to plan for prom, without breaking your budget.

Rentals, Deals, and Planning Ahead: How to Create a Memorable Night Wisely.

The internet has hundreds of articles about saving money on a teenager’s prom attire. It’s important to remember that finding a good deal does not mean cutting corners. It simply means being smarter about where your money is spent. Stick to these three principles, and you’ll comfortably outfit your high schooler for prom.

Rentals: How to Pay Less to Have Your High Schooler Look Fantastic.

Prom is a fun opportunity for most high school girls to put on a pretty dress and feel like a star for at least one night. The right dress is critical for this. A stunning gown doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg though. A good option is to rent the dress from a reputable company. Don’t be afraid to begin the search a few months ahead of time, as browsing around can often produce the best finds.

Many people are aware that they can rent prom tuxedos. A prom tuxedo isn’t always a requirement though. Some proms specify that the event is black-tie, while others are meant to be more casual. It is important to double check a few months ahead of time if the boys will need to rent prom tuxedos. Why? Because prom tuxedo rentals often get picked-over the closer to the event.

How to Find Great Deals on the Accessories For Prom.

A big budget-killer when it comes to prom is all of the extras. The boys don’t just need to rent prom tuxedos, they also might need a vest, the dress shirt, cufflinks, socks and sock stays, and a boutonniere. Then, if they are bringing a date they will also need to purchase a corsage.

The key to cutting down on the costs for accessories is to become a detective. Shop around at thrift stores, online, and ask around at local menswear shops and dressmaker stores about possible deals. Jewelry, make-up, shoes, pocket handkerchiefs, etc. will all add up. To leave these items out will make the final outfit look incomplete. This step requires some persistence, but can make a big difference.

Don’t Be Caught Unawares: Why It’s Important to Plan Ahead.

The best advice for creating a memorable prom night without breaking the bank is to begin planning early. Don’t leave it until a month before prom! Sometimes the best deals for accessories happen long before your teenager will need them. Also, the most popular sizes of shoes, tuxedos, and dresses sell out first. Wearing an ill-fitting garment is sure to put a damper on the festivities, if not their confidence. This night is a celebration, and feeling good about how they look is essential.

While most people know to rent prom tuxedos, they forget that there are many ways to shave a little money off of the other costs. The little details of dressing for prom do make a difference. Don’t let these additions bust your budget. Plan ahead, shop around, and do your research. It will all add up to an unforgettable night.

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