5 Tips for Buying Boots

Comfortable tactical boots

Are you looking for the perfect pair of waterproof work boots? Well, here is a comprehensive list of everything you ever need to know about them. Working in water can be uncomfortable, hazardous and potentially dangerous. You need to have a good quality pair of waterproof work boots in order to make sure you that you stay dry, safe and protected all day long. If you don’t protect your feet properly then you will either end up having to change careers or just being generally an unhappy person. Here is what you need to know about buying waterproof boots.

Research the Price
Before you head out and pick out your first pair of boots, you’ll need to make sure that you know how much you are willing to spend. Boots can be anywhere from $40 to $400. A good pair of quality boots will last you a lot time as long as you take good care of them. If you want to go a little cheaper then you might be better off buying two pairs of cheaper boots. Alternate wearing them in order to give each pair a chance to completely dry out before wearing them again. Putting newspaper inside the boots will draw out any moisture. If you go more expensive and only buy one pair then you’ll still want to give the boots a chance to air out but it won’t be as important as with the cheaper boots as long as the material they are made of is a fast drying material.

Check for Versatility
Do you only need them for work or are you going to want to wear them for outside of work to? If they are only for work you might be able to get a waterproof guard put on the shoes. However, it can give the shoes an odd finish so you won’t want to do that to them if you plan to wear them outside of work as well. While waterproof work boots will work well for hiking, climbing, trail blazing or other types of sporting events like that, you wouldn’t want to don them for date nights or going for a run.

Make Sure They Fit
Now that you know what kind of boot that you want, you need to make sure they fit properly. You shouldn’t buy boots online because you won’t be able to check that they have the proper fit before you get them. A couple of ways that you should check your boots are below:

  • Push your toes to the front of the boot and make sure you have a finger width space in the back.
  • Kick a wall, squat or lean down and make sure your toes don’t slide to the front.
  • Stand on the sides of the boots and make sure your ankle is still well supported.
  • Stand straight with boots laced up and make sure that there is no pressure on your big toe or either sides of the balls of your feet.

If all this is in place, you may have found yourself the perfect comfortable boots.

Break Them in
Don’t every try going to work without breaking them in first. Where them around the house or when you are running errands for a few days before you try to wear them all day at work. While the boots may be comfortable, if they are brand new, they are going to be quite stiff and need to conform to your feet. You shouldn’t let this happen at work. If you wear them for too long when they need to be broken in still then you’ll end up getting blisters and tearing your feet up. Especially if they are waterproof work boots and you are going to be having to wade through or stand in any water, getting the boots wet. They need to be broken in before them.

Test Them Out
Try standing in and walking through puddles of water before taking them to work. You can’t do this before you buy them so make sure that you find out about the return policy of the store before you test them out. You’ll need to make sure that the boots can withstand water and that your feet stay dry before going to work and being stuck there with wet feet all day.

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