Care Of Men’s Leather Dress Shoes

Designer lace up shoes for men

When it comes to formal shoes for men, there are two basic types: oxfords and derbies. Mens leather oxford shoes are the more formal of the two styles, while derbies have a slightly more casual design. The differences are not large, but they?re important. On mens leather oxford shoes, there is no space between the lace hole strips, and they feature curved stitching along the lace section to the welt. Derbies have a less ornate look, with straight lines and less detailing. A third, less formal style is men?s monk strap shoes, which come in single or double strap, and are often available in suede for a casual look.

Purchasing leather dress shoes, particularly Italian leather shoes, can be considered an investment. It?s common knowledge that first impressions are important; formed within 15 seconds of meeting a person, that initial concept has far reaching consequences, especially in highly important situations such as job interviews, sales pitches, and first dates. There?s no point in wearing a classy designer suit if you pair it with shabby or low quality shoes. In addition, high end men?s shoes last longer, particularly if they?re cared for properly.

Here are a few tips for taking care of men?s leather shoes:

1. Use a shoe tree.
A shoe tree will help your mens leather oxford shoes, as well as your other styles, retain their shape, and allow them to dry faster. Plastic shoe trees are lightweight and useful for travel, but wooden shoe trees are best for your home closet, as the wood absorbs moisture and odors from the shoe.
2. Rotate your shoe use.
Don?t wear the same leather shoes every day. At least every two days or so, wear a different pair. This gives them time to spring back into shape, and makes them last longer. It?s also good for your spinal and foot health.
3. Waterproofing
Be sure to take time to apply water repellent to your shoes. While you might think you can avoid getting them wet, chances are you won?t be able to. A good waterproofing extends the life of your leather dress shoes. Make sure to reapply the water repellent regularly.
4. Polish
Regular polishing does two things for your shoes: it moisturizes the leather, keeping it flexible and smooth, and it repairs the effects of daily wear. It?s advised to use cream-based polishes and soft brushes and cloths specially designed for leather shoes. Remember to take your shoes with you when buying polish so that you get the right tone; in fact, it?s best to buy the polish when you buy the shoes, and many high-end shoe stores will have a variety on hand for you to choose from.

Whether you?re wearing men?s leather oxford shoes with formal attire, or casual monk strap shoes, your shoes should be properly taken care of, in order to get the most from your investment.

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