Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure with an EMF Shield

Cordless phone

Do you spend long hours at the computer or on your cell phone? How do you feel during and after using these devices?

If you are a highly sensitive person with electromagnetic sensitivity, you may want to consider purchasing electromagnetic field, or EMF protection. EMF blockers, or bioelectric shields, can protect against cordless phone radiation, shield microwave radiation, and provide laptop radiation protection as well.

If you have children that use a cell phone or computer on a regular basis, you may be interested to know the results of a 2010 study. This study measured the effects of short-term EMF exposure on children and adolescents between the ages of 8-to-17 years.

With just short-term exposure, the children and adolescents experienced these EMF exposure symptoms:

    Concentration issues

Many cell phone users aren’t aware of the risks of EMF exposure. A national study was conducted with adults between the ages of 81-to-91. These individuals experienced headaches and neurological problems, as well as sleep and concentration problems after even short-term exposure to global system for mobile communications, or GSM.

If you live or work close to a cell tower, this can also exacerbate the effects of EMF exposure. Many of these cell towers are spread throughout communities. While their presence may not be obvious, these cell towers may be located on pre-school grounds, school campuses, and church day care centers.

What does this signify? That the children attending these programs may be exposed to 1,000-times higher radio frequency exposure than 20-to-25 years ago.

In 2007, it was determined that public safety limits needed to be further addressed. Furthermore, it was concluded that existing measures to protect the public against EMF radiation were inadequate.

More recently, a group of scientists called for greater protection against non-ionizing radiation. In May 2015, for example, over 190 scientists from around the world approached the U.N. and WHO to address this important issue.

The following topics and concerns were addressed by the above scientists:

    Wireless technologies that emit microwaves and radio frequencies
    Poor power quality
    Ground current
    Electricity associated with extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields

One of the important steps that you can take is to purchase EMF blockers to wear on your person as well as to install in your home or office.

In order to determine how many EMF filters or shields you will need, much depends on the number of devices. On average, a home will need approximately 20 EMF blockers.

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