5 Ways to Obtain More Charitable Donations

Many people donate items to charities each year. If you’re a regular donator, it’s understandable to want to involve others in this activity. Unfortunately, statistics show that the average person throughout the United States throws away 82 pounds of textile waste per year. Having others donate to charity helps to eliminate this problem occurring throughout the United States. That being said, you might be unaware of what inspires others to give. Learning a few helpful tips will ensure that others around you feel motivated to prepare charitable donations. With that in mind, here are five smart ways to involve others in gathering charitable donations.

  1. Call Your Family and Friends

    It’s difficult to encourage others without contacting them. Considering that, your mobile phone is likely filled with contacts that are more than willing to donate. That being said, many people are more likely to do something after hearing others are doing it. Therefore, make sure to let your family and friends know you’re preparing charitable donations. In turn, you might be surprised at how many people join your donation group.
  2. Take to Social Media

    Statistics show that people throughout the United States throw out 12 million tons of clothing and other textile waste each year. Therefore, you might want to reach a wider audience than just close family and friends. With that in mind, it’s wise to consider posting about your donations on social media. In turn, you’re likely to reach an extremely large amount of people. If you’re able to make a creative post, there’s a chance it could even go viral.
  3. Have a Neighborhood Charity Drive

    If you’re looking for other ways to collect clothing and houseware donations, start a neighborhood charity drive. You’ll want to ensure that everyone in your neighborhood has enough time to prepare their charitable donations. Therefore, it’s wise to set a final date for donation collecting that’s a week or two ahead. Many people donating items together feel a bond that comes from helping others. Therefore, neighborhood charity drives can help bring neighbors closer together.
  4. Starting a Charity Drive at Work

    Another great way to collect more donated items is by having a charity drive at your workplace. It’s important to mention companies will likely have varying guidelines regarding charity drives. Therefore, it’s wise to speak with your manager before starting this type of event. If it’s allowed, having a charity drive at your workplace vastly increases the chance of receiving more donations.
  5. Contacting Your Place of Worship

    Not everyone considers themselves religious. If you are, you’ll likely find a great way to increase local charitable donations. With that in mind, consider asking those at your church about starting a charity drive. Considering that places of worship often have multiple services throughout the week, you might be surprised at how many people donate.

In conclusion, it’s important to reach many people while preparing charitable donations. Whether it’s houseware or clothing donations, every donated item helps charities care for families in need. Unfortunately, statistics show that people in the United States only recycle or donate a mere 15% of their used clothes. In order to keep these clothes out of landfills and trashcans, it’s important that they’re donated. Following the previously mentioned tips will help ensure others around you are donating items of their own.

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