Womens leather wallets

Leather is a much sought after product when it comes to all types of marketable items such as shoes, handbags, tote bags for women, mens satchels, and an unlimited number of accessories for men, women, and children as well.

Leather totes are a popular item because of their quality and durability. This item is available for both men and women, and is not only fashionable for either one, but is functional as well. Leather totes differ from totes created from other materials in that they usually have a pebbled surface. Often a tote bag will be made from another material, such as canvas or heavy nylon to resist the elements, and will be adorned with thick leather handles and a heavy leather bottom.

The use of leather in many items goes back at least to the Roman Empire, when, because of its heavy, protective durability, it was used to make tents, sails for boats, armor for soldiers, and even weapons. Much later, women began to take advantage of the quality of the material and began using it in their clothing and accessories. There are many levels of the thickness of leather, cowhide being the thickest, ranging from one inch to 12 inches thick.

Having begun in the genre of practicality, leather has evolved through the years to gain its own place in the fashion industry. Both practical and fashionable, leather is a very popular choice for consumers. Now, leather can be found as a trim or accessory on millions of items, from jewelry, to clothing, to furniture, as well as being a top selling product in its own rite. Coats and jackets, shoes, leather briefcases, leather totes, and many more products now grace the world of fashion.

Many celebrities have added their own emphasis on leather into the world of fashion. In the 1950’s James Dean sported a black leather jacket which, in addition to having become a personal trademark, began a trend among his fans. George Patton wore a leather aviator jacket in World War II which also gave a boost to leather jackets in the world of fashion. Throughout the years, different designers have picked up on the fact that leather was climbing the fashion ladder, and began to incorporate its use into designing clothing and jewelry, in addition to furniture, bags, such as leather totes, shoes, and boots. Leather in itself has become so much in demand in so many types of different classifications, that in 2007 alone, it was reported that at least 23 billion square feet of leather were produced.

Leather totes have become a top selling product moving from year to year because of the growing need people have for carrying items with them to different destinations. Because they are so functional as a multi-purpose bag, people in every walk of life have taken to using leather totes as their go-to companion when leaving the house for almost any reason. They are used for a trip to the mall or the supermarket. There are totes designed to carry almost anything now, including electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and ipads. For executives who need to carry folders and paperwork to meetings and locations other than their own office, leather totes have become increasingly more popular than the basic leather briefcase>/em> because of its size and flexibility. Leather totes have earned their own place in every day life!

An important fact for consumers to know about leather is that it quickly absorbs staining elements such as grease and oil. It is suggested that leather items be cleaned and conditioned at least every six months to protect it from spots and stains. Another must-know about leather is that it does not do well in areas where the humidity can fall to lower than 40% for long lengths of time. That type of atmosphere will cause the fibers of the material to change, permanently ruining the configuration of the material. Leather is certainly not a typical machine washable material! Extra care needs to be taken to keep it looking its best. Read more here. Check out this website for more. Helpful info also found here.

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