A Growing Artform, How to Land Your Dream Body Piercing Apprenticeship

How to become a piercing apprentice

Piercing is arguably one of the oldest observed forms of self expression. Along with mainstream written and spoken word, piercing dates back thousands of years. In fact, the oldest body piercing was found in a grave and dates back to 2500 B.C. With contemporary America becoming less conservative, piercing is gathering a larger following. It’s estimated that over 80% of American have their ears pierced, while 14% of Americans have a piercing somewhere on their body other than their ear lobe.

As with most career paths, body piercing is a competitive field with plenty of opportunities to climb the ranks. If you’re an artist who dreams of one day having a successful career in the body piercing industry, a piercing apprenticeship might be your best first step. Many tattoo and piercing studios will offer a body piercing apprenticeship program or will help you learn how to get a body piercing apprenticeship.

The difference between body piercing and most mainstream career paths is that the best way to learn how to be a successful piercing artist is to study underneath an active professional. With an instructional body piercing apprenticeship, trainees will directly learn the ins and outs of piercing through demonstration.

If you are interested in this unique career path but aren’t sure how to become a piercing apprentice, there are many resources to help guide you. After doing some research about any potential apprenticeship options in your local area, you can call around to any tattoo/piercing studios you know of. With a little hard work and persistence, you will most likely find someone offering an apprenticeship.

Remember: it’s never too early or too late to get a head start on your dream career path. More. Continue your research here.

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