Choosing Sea Glass Jewelry For Your Wedding

If you’re getting married soon, you should consider sea glass wedding jewelry as a possibility for making your special day even more special. Sea glass wedding jewelry options abound and sea glass charms, sea glass earrings, and other sea glass wedding jewelry ideas can be the perfect way to complement a beach wedding.

Even if you’re not getting married at the seaside, there are sea glass wedding jewelry options that can fit any wedding style and any color of dress.

What is Sea Glass?

Sea glass has existed ever since human beings first began making glass more than 4000 years ago. As glass objects find their way into the sea, the motion of the sea, as well as its salt and other minerals, gradually wear down the glass. Today, sea glass can be found all over the world and there is even a formal North American Sea Glass Association that works to find and treasure these unusual recycled pieces of art.

Why Choose Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry Options?

There are a number of good reasons to consider sea glass jewelry options. For one thing, sea glass is available in a wide variety of colors and hues. Some of the most common sea glass colors include greens, aquas, and blues. It’s also possible to find white, red, and orange sea glass, with orange being the least common and only found about once every 10,000 pieces.

One of the greatest things about sea glass jewelry is the statement it makes about the environment and about recycling. Sea glass comes from a time when we did not have the capability to recycle our glass. It’s a testament to the power of the earth to recover and, as we improve our recycling programs worldwide, sea glass is becoming rarer.

What Are Some Sea Glass Options?

Sea glass is endlessly versatile meaning that there are an endless number of sea glass wedding jewelry options available. Artisans and craftsman in the sea glass can make anything that you can imagine to order. It’s not unusual to see sea glass necklaces, sea glass rings, sea glass charms, and even sea glass watches.

One of the best ways of finding out all the options available for your special day is to contact a sea glass designer personally and find out what they have and what they can make the can match your wedding decor and dresses. Most will be happy to work with you to create the perfect jewelry that will be unique and special for your big day.

Sea glass jewelry is the perfect way of celebrating your wedding, the resilience of our world, and beauty all at the same time.

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