What Are Some Reasons Why People Buy a Beach Towel?

Beach towels are instant fun. With their bright colors and quirky designs, they recall sunny days at the beach, vacation time, and freedom from care, for a few days at least. They’re also practical, as a soft surface to sit on at the beach of course, but also at picnics, at outdoor concerts and when camping. And they’re luxurious, with acres of soft absorbent cotton. For most people, beach towels evoke happy memories, which also makes them ideal promotional tools. People buy a beach towel not just for its practical value but also because it makes them happy. And that’s a priceless feeling.

A day at the beach
A beach towel is absolutely essential if you’re going to be spending a day at the beach. Whether you’re going to swim, or take a nap like 53% of beach goers, or read, like 53%, you’ll need a beach towel. In fact, 60% of beach goers intend to use their time there to relax rather than to exercise. Only 13% prefer the strenuous alternatives like running, swimming, or beach volleyball. Whatever your plans, they must include a beach towel.
Heading for the beach is a favorite leisure pastime, and with about 95,471 miles of shoreline, Americans have plenty of space to indulge. A beach towel is a practical necessity – a soft surface to nap upon, as a cover-up, and to bundle your swimming things for the way home. People have even been known to use them to dry off after an energizing swim. Their size and softness make them luxury items as well, and who doesn’t need a little luxury in their daily lives?

Why do people buy a beach towel?
In fact, many people choose to buy a beach towel even if their plans don’t include a day at the beach. Kids and pets love the bright colors and designs and the soft springy feel. They can be used as outdoor seating in many different settings: concerts, picnics, and camping. Quite often people buy custom beach towels as mementos of a holiday. This is what makes promotional beach towels a great choice for just about any business.
Of course it helps if your business is connected to the beach and the seaside, but that’s not even necessary. After all Edward Gorey’s specially designed beach towel for the New York City Ballet sold out. And if a ballet company can sell beach towels, anyone can. Custom embroidered beach towels will help people remember your business, whether it’s a seaside B and B, ice cream store, or a landmark restaurant.

Promotional beach towels are a great idea for any business, because people love them. They will buy a beach towel for a number of reasons, many of which are connected to the seaside and many of which are not. In the end, along with all the practical uses, beach towels are treasured for the happy memories they recall.

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