Taking A Look At The World Of Clothing Donations In America

If you are looking to give back to charity but don’t have the funds to do so, consider donating clothes to a charity pick up location near you. There are many reasons to donate your used articles of clothing, ranging from helping your community, helping people in need, and even helping the environment. After all, with more than ninety four percent of the entire population of the United States giving to charity in some capacity, it can feel good to do you share, so to speak. But it is also very true that many people are simply struggling to provide for themselves, and that this also is something that cannot be discounted. If you are struggling to make ends meet, you should not worry about parting with any sum of money for any charity, no matter how worth. However, you can give back in other ways, such as through the donation of of old clothes and other such used textiles to a charity pick up location near you. And donating your used clothing is more popular than you may realize. More than ten years ago now, in the year of 2007, very nearly six billion dollars worth of clothing was donated in that one year alone all throughout the United States. In the year that have transpired since, the number has only increased.

If you are looking for even more motivation to donate your used clothing to a charity pick up location near you, consider the impact of charitable clothing donations on the environment. First, it must be noted that we, as an American people, consume more articles of clothing than ever before in history. In just one single year, in fact, as many as seventy articles of clothing are likely to be bought by the average person in those United States. Of course, this also leads to a good deal of clothing waste, with the typical person living here in the United States throwing away up to ten pounds of clothing for each and every year that passes us by. Currently, with only about fifteen percent or so of discarded clothing actually recycled, more than ten million tons of used clothing is ending up in landfills throughout the country each and every year. There is no doubt that this is having a considerable impact on the environment. However, you can change this, if even just in a small way, by making clothing donations at a charity pick up location near you. Not only are you keeping your clothes out of the landfills that are all too rapidly filling up, but you are actually helping those in need as well, helping to make your community a better place for all, even for the most needy among us.

Of course, you will likely want to consider where you are donating your clothing before making a decision as to where your clothing donation will go. For instance, many people will give to a charity pick up location that gives clothing donations for military families. Military families are important here in the United States because military families are often the ones who are struggling. When the member of the family who was in the military returns to civilian life, the adjustment period can be a difficult one. Veterans often suffer from a mental illness called PTSD – or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – and have a difficult time reintegrating into everyday life. This can mean that finding a job can be more than difficult for a period of time, even if they are seeking mental health help, and their families can struggle as a result. Donations to such charities dedicated to helping veterans and their families is a cause that is close to the hearts of many, and something that they are proud to be able to contribute to.

Here in the United States, giving to charity is considered to be an important thing to do, if you are able. If you cannot give monetarily, donating your used clothing to a charity pick up site is often a great way to give back. Charity pick up sites are common in most communities.