Choosing the Right Men’s Shoe Style

Italian loafers for men

Most shoe designs are customized and designed with women in mind. That is because, until recently, women have made up the majority of the shoe market. Today, however, men?s designer footwear witnessed current retail value sales growth of 39% from 2009 to 2014. Men have more opportunity today to purchase artesian shoes and Italian loafer brands. As a man, how do you choose the best type of shoe?

Consider your style

There are thousands of different styles of shoes to choose from. Consider your style of clothing and the type of shoes that will pair with them best. Mens exotic skin shoes are unique and perfect for the shoe enthusiast. Formal shoes for men tend to come in traditional colors, like brown or black, and are perfect for the man whose attire is full of formal work clothing items. Although your clothing style does not dictate the style of shoe you must purchase, these are usually the shoe style that you will be most comfortable with.

Consider your lifestyle

You will also want to consider your lifestyle. You might enjoy a nice pair of crocodile skin shoes, but if you are constantly on your feet or in an athletic setting, they may not be ideal. If you work in a highly formal position, for example, it might not be appropriate to wear mens exotic skin shoes. Psychology studies reveal that first impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone, 55% of a person?s opinion is determined by physical appearance. Consider the opinion that you want to warrant and choose your attire and shoes based on that style.

Consider your budget

Your budget will also come into consideration when choosing new shoes. Mens exotic skin shoes tend to cost more than a traditional pair of Italian loafers. However, you will also find that higher cost usually means higher comfort. Do not sacrifice too much comfort for price. The shoes will wear out much quicker and you will negate any cost savings by having to purchase new shoes more often. You can also make mens exotic skin shoes work within your budget by taking proper care of the higher priced shoes that you do own.

Shoe trees are recommended to keep your shoes healthy. They help retain the shape of the shoe and will dry them out faster. There are 2 types of shoe trees, plastic and wooden. Plastic shoe trees are light weight and great for traveling. Wooden shoe trees are a better choice due to the wood?s ability to absorb the moisture and odor of the shoe. Investing in a good wooden shoe tree can prolong the life of your higher priced shoes, making them fit into your budget easier.

Consider your shopping options

Sometimes it can be difficult to find unique shoe items, like mens exotic skin shoes. Although the men?s shoe market is increasing, you may still be limited in your shoe options locally. If you are in the market for higher quality shoes or Italian leather shoes for men, you may have to change up your shopping locations. Shopping online is extremely convenient and is a great way to find exotic men?s shoes. You do not have to worry about trying on the shoes, as many online shoe retailers offer free returns and exchanges. Additionally, encourage your local department stores or retail chains to begin carrying a larger inventory of men?s exotic shoes.

Until recently, the shoe market has been taken over by women?s shoes. Men had very few options when it came to shoe shopping. The internet has contributed to the quick growth of the men?s shoe market. When you are shopping for new men?s shoes, consider your style, your lifestyle, your shopping options, and your budget. Find ways to hold the value of your current shoes with wooden shoe protection trees.

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