Would You Like to Make Senior Manager? It Begins with a Made-to-Measure Luxury Suit

Your wardrobe is an investment

Do you prefer to shop online? Business Insider found that 40% of men between 18 and 34 actually do prefer to shop online. Furthermore, when given a choice, they would rather take care of all of their shopping needs in this way rather than going to the mall or other brick-and-mortar shops.

When you work in a profession where it’s important to dress more formally, do you also purchase all of your clothing online? Has your manager suggested that you’ve been dressing a bit too casually? If so, you may be interested in the results of a 2016 survey that was conducted with senior managers.

The results of the survey showed that 47% of these managers stated their employees were dressing “too causally.” Furthermore, approximately 50% also stated that they’ve noted a change in attire over the past 5 years. Apparently, their employees have been wearing less formal clothing as the years have progressed.

While many offices allow or in some instances, encourage, their employees to wear casual business wear, others may not. The reasons for this will vary, of course, and many businesses may not be as stringent in their dress codes as they used to be.

It’s also possible that managers are focusing more on productivity than attire. Nevertheless, there are a variety of professional fields that continue to expect their employees to dress in more formal attire. This means a well-tailored suit, shirt, and tie along with high-end men’s shoes and other accessories that match.

If you’ve never worked with a fashion stylist or worn a suit that is made-to-measure, you may be surprised at the overall effect that this can create. Your shirt collar, for example, should just be visible for 2 centimeters or so above your suit jacket. The shirt cuffs? These should fit slightly looser than your watch, and be about 2 centimeters above your wrist bone.

Whether you just need to wear a formal suit for special meetings and other corporate events, it’s important to have it made-to-measure. This ensures that it will fit you properly. Furthermore, since your wardrobe is an investment, doesn’t it make sense to own mens professional attire that says you care about your appearance as well as your performance?

True, dressing well is an investment. However, dressing well is an investment in you and your career success. While you may deliver results on a consistent basis, your physical appearance can also deliver results in terms of making that positive first impression on a new client or colleague.

In case you weren’t aware, psychology studies have revealed that it only takes 7 to 17 seconds for someone to form an impression of another person. How much of this first opinion do you think is determined by your physical appearance? These studies have shown that it is 55%!

Chances are that you want to make an exceptional first opinion. In addition to a sincere smile and other rapport-creating behaviors, you want to be wearing made to measure clothing in the form of premium men’s suits.

When you make senior manager, then you can set a new trend at your office. When you hire new personnel, you will have the opportunity to groom them by letting them know that dressing well is an investment in themselves and their future success.

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