Mana What They’re Doing To Save The Environment And How You Can Help

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Millions of people across the world are big fans of the Mexican rock band Mana — their fanbase isn’t just made up of Latinx people, but non-Latinx fans as well. It’s no wonder that there is a high demand for Mana clothing, as well as other types of fan gear. Luckily, there is a Mana clothing line on the market, made up of things like Mana t shirts, among other things. Big fans won’t hesitate to buy Mana clothing; but the benefits of buying fan gear is perhaps even greater when you consider the humanitarian side of the band. Mana isn’t just about the music. The band also wants to — and has — given back. It’s been over 20 years since the band founded Selva Negra, a non-profit civil association that focuses on the preservation and protection of endangered animals. Below, we’ll look into Mana history, as well as why the turtle symbol is so important to the band and its socially conscious message. If you’re already a fan of Mana music, you’ll become even more passionate about the band once you know more about what it’s really about, and what they’re doing to better the world.

The History Of Mana

Mana has been around for quite a while — the band was founded over 30 years ago in Guadalajara. Since then, the band has sold 40 million albums worldwide, and had 50 number one hits globally. One of the reasons why this is so remarkable is that many Latin American bands can’t expect to have a lot of hits in their home countries, let alone globally. Clearly, Mana has a wide appeal. The band’s four official members include Fher Olvera, Alex Gonzalez, Juan Calleros, and Sergio Vallin. In 1990, they dropped their first album — Falta Amor. Their music isn’t just a hit amongst fans, but critics as well. The band has, over the course of its career, won four Grammy awards, eight Latin Grammy awards, five MTV Music Video awards, six Premios Juventud awards, 19 Billboard Latin Music awards, and 14 Premios Lo Nuestro awards. This has led to a high demand for merchandise among fans, which is why Mana clothing is now widely available. Understanding their wide reach, the members of Mana are committed to spreading their message of environmentalism. Mana is particularly committed to helping sea turtles, something which has perhaps endeared them even more to their fans.

Mana’s Environmental Message

Mana is so committed to preserving the sea turtle species that the band is now largely identified by many with turtles. The conservation of sea turtles is a major issue, and this is why it’s particularly crucial that a band like Mana is bringing awareness to it. Sea turtles are particularly important to Mexico, as seven of the eight species of sea turtles in the world nest on the beaches of Mexico. While sea turtles have existed for over 100 million years, the fact is that if things don’t change, they won’t be around for much longer. Each year, tens of thousands of sea turtles are killed due to overharvesting and illegal trade. Another problem is that it’s difficult for baby turtles to make it to the water should they hatch. Predators are always waiting to snatch these baby turtles, which is why many conservationists tend to nesting grounds and do their best to help the turtles make it to the ocean safely.

What Is Mana Doing To Help Sea Turtles?

Mana’s Selva Negra organization obviously does a lot to help save sea turtles. The band’s involvement has brought attention to these issues, and the band itself has raised funds and donated money to this cause. By following Mana and Selva Negra, you can support the issue while at the same time supporting the band you love.

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