Creating and Running a Great Fundraiser

Fundraisers are common events across the United States, and fundraising can be done for local charities or other causes, ranging from wildlife conservation to building a school to helping families in need. A fundraiser can take many forms and can vary in scale and scope, but there are some common features that may be found at such an event, such as a fundraising shirt or other fundraising apparel such as headbands. Other items such as banners, flags, flyers, posters, and even large outdoor tents may be used, and some specific events will call for other hardware as well. Custom apparel like a fundraising shirt is just the start; a school or church/synagogue fundraiser may involve tables, obstacle courses, or food preparation, based on the events that will be found there. How often to Americans run or take part in charities, and how can a fundraiser shirt or other items work out? And what about marketing?


It is common for fundraisers to involve each participant wearing a fundraising shirt, and wearing a fundraising shirt allows a person to not only have a sense of purpose and belonging, but can also spread awareness of the event, where each person may act as a walking ad for the event. Fundraising clothing is often a colorful fundraising shirt that will have an eye-catching logo and text, but sometimes other gear such as jackets or headbands may be worn that advertise a fundraiser. These shirts may be worn by both those who organize and run the fundraiser, and any and all participants, and typically, everyone will be allowed to keep their shirts afterwards. A fundraising organization such as a school, business, church, or synagogue will outsource the skills for making all these shirts, and custom shirt and apparel printers will be able to help out. A fundraiser group may design the logo and choose a color for the shirt (or several), and then hire a clothing printing company to make many copies of these shirts, which may vary in size and be printed in both men’s and women’s styles.


A fundraising shirt is great for promoting cooperation within the event and spreading awareness, but more should be done so that a fundraiser has enough attendees and donors. Online and paper campaigns can help with this. For local fundraising, a group can print off a large number of brochures, flyers, posters, and more to spread awareness, and here too, specialized services can be hired. This time, printing firms can be contacted and hired to print off large quantities of such paper goods, and the direct mail customers for a business, church, or synagogue can use direct paper mail to promote the fundraisers to customers or worshipers. To augment this campaign, the fundraising party may also conduct an online marketing plan to raise awareness of the fundraiser, and this may spread awareness as far as the county or even the entire state, such as for smaller states like New Jersey or Massachusetts. Online campaigning may involve Internet ads, videos on YouTube, and posts on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media can be used for much more than just entertainment; it can be a powerful platform for communication and advertising for business and fundraising, and a company, or a place of worship or even a school or college can use its official account (or make one), and use it to promote the fundraiser, with details such as place and time, events, the cause being supported, and more.

What might happen at a fundraiser? This can vary according to budget, preferences, and even the weather. Some fundraisers are simply meals, where a group may host a pancake breakfast or a lunch outdoors, or in a school or church/synagogue cafeteria. Other times, a fundraiser may be a more formal event and entail a fancy dinner and live entertainment, and this is common for larger businesses and groups who intend to raise a lot of money. Other times, schools or places of worship may throw fun outdoor events if the weather permits, such as obstacle courses or sports that charge admission fees. This can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike, and make the fundraiser attractive to attend.

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