Plastic Bags Are Seriously Harmful To The Environment How Heavy Duty Canvas Totes Are Changing Things

Living a green lifestyle is talked about quite a bit these days.

It seems everywhere you turn the words ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’ are being used, in one form another. They apply to business practices, personal lifestyle choices…it’s almost inescapable! What does it mean to live green and how can you incorporate that into your business? As the saying goes, ‘less is more’. A lot of good can be done just by adding a few tweaks to routine, even though the changes won’t be noticed for some time yet.

Heavy duty canvas totes are being used in several layers of society and could be just what your business needs to turn heads. Here’s how.

Eco-friendly habits aren’t just a bandwagon trend that’ll pass in a few years. They’ve actually been around for quite some time, but only some businesses have caught on. Scientists have recently estimated that, in just a few decades, there could be more trash than fish in the ocean. That’s on top of rampant deforestation rates, a struggling ozone layer, and more than enough financial blowback to make daily headlines. Can heavy duty canvas totes really add any change?

When you take a look at today’s statistics, almost any change is good change. Every year one trillion plastic bags — all of them single use — are used, adding up to two million per minute. These harmful plastic bags cost American retailers an average of $4 billion and do little except clog the environment and create more pressure on trash industries to keep things running smoothly. While some choose paper over plastic, this still doesn’t do much to reverse the problem. Paper is biodegradable, yes, but deforestation is another problem that needs addressing.

What can wholesale cotton totes do to change this? Studies have shown just one person using reusable bags over their lifetime has the ability to remove more than 22,000 plastic bags from the environment. Now multiply that by millions of people and you can imagine how much good could be done. The average reusable bag has an impressive lifespan, too, equal to that of 700 disposable plastic bags. Wholesale bags and totes are slowly, but surely, becoming more popular.

Heavy duty canvas totes are highly customizable, as well, and that only contributes to their appeal. Printed canvas tote bags can come with a variety of colors, logos, and designs, all the more to make a green lifestyle feel personal. Some reusable bags are also insulated, which is useful for those that ride the bus or just want to make sure their cold items don’t spoil on the way home. A little creativity goes a long way. Heavy duty canvas totes are a simple answer to so many of today’s problems.

A white canvas tote bag, or colorful tote bag with a logo, will appeal to all sorts of customers. They’ll give customers looking for a last-minute gift something to grab on the way out. They’ll catch the eye of those already considering an eco-friendly lifestyle. Surely, in one way or another, you’ll reach out to people and have them reaching back out to you. If you’re considering adding something new to your marketing expenditure, heavy duty canvas totes are a good place to start.

The world could always be a better place. What could gift totes do to help us get there?

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