How a Laser Can Drastically Boost Your Body Image

Eyebrow threading dupont circle

As we are steadily approaching summer time and hot weather, more skin will be shown. Shorts, tank tops, bikinis, and sexy little dresses will come out of the closet and onto the bodies of women all over the United States. Everyone can agree that looking flawless in a bathing suit is important to many women. However, for many there is a lot of preparation that goes on before showing so much skin. Hair removal is a process that women feel is necessary to feel comfortable and free. Unfortunately, shaving is a tedious process, and hair can grow back quicker than any summer vacation will last. Waxing is also a common method of removing hair, and while the results last longer, it is not a convenient or permanent solution. Not to mention, waxing can be extremely painful! 82% of women will remove hair from their legs in order to feel comfortable showing them, along with 78% of women getting rid of hair on the underarms. There are a lot of women who are insecure about excess body hair, and while it is completely natural to have, removing hair can make somebody feel much better about themselves. On average, American women will spend over ten thousand dollars in their entire lifetime managing body hair. With so much pain, time, and money spent on simply removing unwanted body hair, women dream of an easy and permanent solution. That solution does exist, in the form of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal can cut down your summer grooming routine significantly, and can make sure that your skin is always ready to show. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, nearly 1 million laser hair removal treatments were conducted last year. This procedure is growing in popularity as it is becoming more accessible nationwide. The laser hair removal process is simple, straightforward, and offers permanent results. This treatment involves using a sophisticated stream of light to damage each hair follicle one by one. After a follicle is damaged, hair will no longer grow. Each follicle is treated separately, so this treatment can last up to an hour depending on the part of the body. Most women will also need multiple treatments to see completely permanent results. Luckily, a few treatments towards zapping your hair away permanently can be much more worthwhile than shaving for the rest of your life. 97% of women who had laser hair removal treatments are totally satisfied with the outcome, according to the Celibre Medical Corporation. It’s a no brainer that spending a few months taking care of unwanted hair through laser removal treatments is worth it for a lifetime of smooth hairless skin. Positive body image is important, and if getting rid of hair permanently can make you feel drastically more comfortable, you should go for it!