Not Sure What Hairstyles You Should Try This Year? Check Out These Fun Ideas

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When’s the last time you gave yourself a makeover? It can be easy to stick with the same hairstyle for months on end, sure…but why not give yourself a new look to usher in the new year? While some may say certain highlights or bangs don’t suit you, the only way to find out is to visit your local hair salons and ask for a professional opinion. With trends changing on a dime and splashy new styles taking center stage on social media, there’s an entire world of flattering cuts just waiting for your own unique touch. Organized by length, texture and color, the list below will help you get started on what hair coloring or hair care products you should seek out this year.

Did You Know?

Fun facts time! Did you know the average woman will have their cut, layered or colored twice per year between the ages of 13 and 65? This adds up to a total 104 times throughout an entire lifetime. A 2013 study saw an overwhelming majority of men saying good hair was one of the first things they noticed in a woman, with an earlier 2010 research survey finding half of all women regularly asking their hair stylists for advice.

Long Hair

Got long hair? No problem! The average person’s hair will grow at the same rate of 0.5 inches every four weeks or so, though the actual visual length can vary significantly depending on if your hair is curly, wavy or straight. There are plenty of lovely styles that can come from lengthy hair, with sheer variety one of the major reasons so many people grow their locks out past their shoulder-blades to graze their lower back or waist. Fishtail braids are incredibly cute, while half-up and half-down can be a great compromise in hot weather. Remember that a common rule of thumb is that long wavy or straight hair should be cut every eight to 12 weeks to keep your ends soft and neat!

Short Hair

What if you have short hair? Good hair salons should provide you a wealth of different styles and cuts that bring out the best in the shape of your jawline, browline and hairline. While short hair doesn’t have quite the variety that long hair does in terms of styles, there are an incredible amount of cuts to seek out. Exaggerated bangs, either a touch too long or short, are quite popular in the mainstream. Layers can provide your hair some body, particularly if it’s more straight, while curly bangs are considered both hip and retro. For men who have hair that’s an inch or two long, cutting it once per month is a good average to stick to.

Curly Hair

There’s nothing quite like a head full of curls. Whether you prefer a fluffy pixie cut or a wealth of curls tumbling down your back, there’s a few common misconceptions about this hair type that leads people to avoiding hair salons and new styles. Women with tight, coarse curls should get their hair trimmed every 12 weeks or so, while those with looser curls could opt for a little sooner due to perceived length. Curly hair should only be cut when dry, as wet hair weighs your hair down and can create an irregular cut once it’s dried off again.

Choosing A Hair Salon

No matter the latest hair styles or your hair type, it’s important you find hair salons that provide you the attention to detail you need to truly feel your best. The year 2011 saw nearly 70 million Americans having their hair cut an average of four times that year. Although permanent hair color will last until the hair grows out at the root, it should have a recoloring touch-up every four to six weeks. That way your vibrant red-brown or platinum blonde can shimmer no matter what! There are more styles and trends than you can shake a stick at. With hair salons on your side, you’ll never be at a loss for ideas!

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