How Donating Used Clothing Can Save the Earth

Pick up clothing donations

We all have things that we keep around that we do not really use anymore. Most often, a lot of those things are clothing. Maybe it does not fit you anymore, maybe it never did. Or perhaps you just got tired of this article of clothing. So imagine it is time to clean out your closet or get those old things out of storage. What do you do with it? The answer is not to throw it away. However, you should consider giving them to organizations that accept clothing donations. It is an extremely better option to donate rather than pack everything up into garbage bags. Only 15% of Americans donate or recycle their used clothing. Those who do not contribute to the 10.5 million tons per year that go to landfills. It is a fact that textiles have the worst recycling rates compared to any other reusable material. It would be much more beneficial to have the pride and good feeling that you made a charitable donation and helped clothe someone in need. At some point, almost all Americans will participate in some form of charity. Charitable clothing donations is an amazing way to make sure you participate as well.

Organizations that accept clothing donations are widespread, and you can find an organization you like best to make use of your old clothing items. You will be helping plenty of people and families in need by taking advantage of these opportunities. Most people think that you cannot give away clothing items that are in bad shape. However, any type of clothing can be accepted and will be recycled. All you need to do is make sure everything is clean. Organizations that accept clothing donations sometimes have a process where they can pickup your donation from your home. Plenty if drop off locations are available as well. 80% of clothing donated in the United States is used by organizations to help those who need it. Your donations will never go unused in some shape or form.

It’s safe to say that we do not need anymore clothes sitting in landfills. Not only can you have peace of mind by choosing organizations that accept clothing donations, but someone else in need will be clothed because of your considerate action.

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