How to Care for Your Leather Goods Without Breaking the Bank

Leather belt

Leather is everywhere. Anywhere you look, at least one person is bound to have fine leather goods on their person or in their home. From leather wallets for women to leather belts, there’s no shortage of the stylish material.
However, there is a right and a wrong way to care for leather materials. Here are a few tips to help you care for your leather goods without breaking the bank in the process.
Protect Your Leather
Leather totes and wallets get carried around constantly, which means that they’re bound to see a little bit of wear and tear. Some scratches and a few wrinkles are bound to pop up, but the most important things to watch out for are stains and water damage. Fortunately, you can purchase leather protecting solutions at any major leather store, or even at a local store for a relatively good price.
Clean it Once a Year
Whether you’re toting around a leather wallet or a leather tote bag, it’s important to have your bag thoroughly cleaned at least once every year. But be wary! Cleaning your bag too often can lead to premature aging of the leather, which can cause extensive damage and a significantly shorter lifetime for your fine leather goods.
Dry it Slowly
IF your leather gets too wet, it’s important to dry it very slowly. Unfortunately, speed drying leather can cause it to warp and shrink; a feature that nobody wants in their leather goods. Leather wallets for women and for man should stay relatively the same size from the beginning to the end of their useful lives.
Soften the Leather by Hand
This is not only a great way to break in your leather goods, it’s a great way for you to become familiar with them. Simply roll them up one way, then unroll and roll them up a different way. This is an especially handy trick for leather tote bags and jackets. This ensures they have a nice, soft fit, while staying away from harsher outdoor elements.
Keeping leather goods looking good is quite simple. If you follow these tips, your leather goods should be looking great for a long time. Continue reading here.

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