How To Dress For Cooler Weather

Winter is definitely here. You can tell by how cold it has been in many parts of the world lately. However, you may be wondering, just because it is cold out, why can’t you wear your jersey knit t-shirt? After all, you should be able to wear what you want, whenever you want to. However, sometimes you have to dress for the weather. At least that is the case if you live where it is cold a few months out of the year. If you were living down south where it is warm all year round, you could definitely wear your jersey knit t-shirt when going out. Most likely, since you are wondering what you should be wearing in cooler weather, you probably live where it is cold outside. Keep reading to learn how to dress in cooler weather and if this pertains to wearing your favorite jersey knit t-shirt.

Dress In Layers

Dressing in many layers of clothing is always a good idea in cooler weather because if you start getting warm, you can always peel the layers of clothing off. Try to dress in thin layers instead of thick ones. Maybe one of those layers of clothing will be a jersey knit shirt and some cold weather accessories. Dressing in thin layers of clothing allows for you to be better insulated keeping the cold air away from your skin. 

Dress For The Activity Level

Are you going skiing in the snow or going to be sitting around the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa all day long? If you are going to be active, for example, snow skiing, you will want to dress the part. Dressing for being active will be different than dressing for just sitting around ice fishing or whatever. When choosing your layers of clothing, make sure you choose a long sleeve shirt and knit hats. These will keep you warm without overheating you. 

Wear A Pair Of Insulated Boots

You will either want to find a pair of insulated boots to keep your feet warm during the cooler weather or buy a pair. Buying a pair will be a great investment because your feet will never be cold. If you are a woman, you can always check out the latest insulated boots in the girl’s fashion section of the store. If you have the extra money, buy the best pair of boots you can find. It will be worth it because there is nothing worse than your feet getting cold. It seems like when your feet are cold, the rest of your body gets cold too. 

Wear Winter Socks

Wool socks are usually the best. However, you can also give synthetic fleece a try to see how well it warms your feet. That is if you can’t seem to find wool, but you should be able to. You can also layer socks. Just be careful that doing so won’t cut off your circulation because layering them if they are too thick, can do this sometimes. Also, keep comfort in mind as well when layering them. 

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