How Your Mattress Might Be Able to Improve Your Health

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It’s easy to forget about the incredible impact our nighttime posture can have on our bodies. After all, it’s hard to be conscious of the things that happen while you’re, well, unconscious. Still, we spend a third of each day in bed, and it’s naive to think that our health isn’t affected by what happens in those eight hours. While the right mattress can alleviate body aches, soreness, and muscle aches, the wrong mattress can exacerbate all those issues. Especially for seniors, getting better sleep and having better health are inextricably linked. Enter orthopedic adjustable beds.

Correct Spinal Positioning

Orthopedic adjustable beds allow sleepers to recline in more ergonomically correct positions, allowing for natural curvature of the spine. Poor posture is a major issue associated with non-adjustable mattresses, ultimately resulting in backaches, misalignment, and waking discomfort.

Improved Circulation

Traditional sleep systems have a major design flaw in that they are unable to evenly distribute pressure. As such, they force the heart to work harder in order to pump oxygen through the bloodstream. Meanwhile, adjustable mattresses, on the other hand, allow adjustments that promote heart health and proper circulation.

Reduced Joint Pain

Because the body is unable to maintain proper posture on a traditional mattress, stress on joints is often magnified. That stress reduces the rest and recuperation your muscles need, causing your body to feel tired and sore. Orthopedic adjustable beds, however, allow sleepers to customize support to areas of the body like the neck, head, lower back, legs, knees, feet and ankles.

By encouraging healthy posture, customized support, and proper circulation, orthopedic adjustable beds are sometimes able to improve lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, aches and pains, arthritic pain, asthma and upper respiratory difficulty, acid reflux, swollen feet and legs, osteoarthritis symptoms, lack of joint mobility, and heart problems. By getting a better night sleep, you just might be able to improve your health and quality of life.

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