Sparkling Service and Solid-Gold Advice

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Q: What can you find at jewelry stores?

If you answered “diamond engagement rings”, you’re not wrong. But rings, bracelets, and watches are just what jewelry stores sell — the services they provide their customers are, in fact, every bit as valuable as their products.

  • Re-Sizing
    Jewelry stores know how to make a ring fit perfectly on your finger. They know how to account for knuckle measurements, temperature differences, and various metal types to size your ring exactly right, so that you never have to worry about it slipping off your finger. Some rings can be sized while you wait, but others may need to be left at the store for a few days.
  • Cleanings
    Life happens — and sometimes, it’s messy. When your ring begins to lose that original sparkle, don’t despair. Take it into your friendly neighborhood jewelry store and have it professionally cleaned and polished. If you bought the ring there, chances are good you can have it done for free. And even if you bought it somewhere else, the cost for cleaning might be negligible, since deep down, every jeweler just hates to see dull, dirty rings.
  • Advice
    You may not yet know what kind of ring you want to buy. Guess where the best advice can come from? That’s right — jewelry stores. They know their diamonds, they know their settings, and they’ve been in the business long enough to know what you’re looking for even if you’re having a hard time explaining it.
  • Proposal ideas
    Having trouble deciding how best to pop the question? Jewelry stores have hundreds of original proposal ideas. They are, after all, in the business of love. Most stores simply love helping the pre-affianced take that next step on their life journey together, and are more than happy to bounce ideas around until something clicks.

If you need a ring or a necklace or a pair of earrings, then yes, your obvious destination is your local jewelry store. But don’t forget all the other things you can find there, including friendly service, prompt maintenance options, and solid-gold romantic advice. More like this article.

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