If You’re Not Taking Advantage of Custom Designed T Shirt Services, You Should Be

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Americans are known for a lot of things, including their love of quality printed t shirts. Did you know that nearly all — 95% — of Americans wear t shirts? That includes 70% of men and 54% of women in America today own more than 10 t shirts. Furthermore, 9 out of every 10 Americans own at least one t shirt they refuse to throw away due to its sentimental value.

So, what does this mean for you as a business owner? Simple: that’s a whole of opportunity for effective, meaningful — and most importantly relevant — advertising. Not only are t shirts and iconic staple of American culture and fashion, but they’re also the perfect way to spread the word about your business or to raise awareness for an important cause. It’s no secret that the most successful advertising campaigns play on nostalgia, therefore making custom print tees a powerful advertising channel.

In fact, custom designed tee shirts have made quite the splash in recent years. This is highlighted by the fact that the t shirt industry as a whole has grown more than 24.2% over the course of five years between 2009 to 2014. Custom designed tee shirts services, including custom tee shirt websites, have surged in popularity. In addition to custom tee shirt websites, there are now a variety of mobile apps that allow users to create their very own custom tee shirt designs. Some apps even allow users to share their designs with others.

Aside from simply looking cool, custom designed tee shirts are an excellent way to establish a visual presence in order to supplement your on online and mobile marketing initiatives. It’s an excellent way to support the message and really drive it home. This method is particularly effective because custom designed tee shirts are in three dimension. This allows the wearer and other consumers to physically interact with it.

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