The Biggest Pros and Cons of Sew in Hair Extensions You Need to Know

Short hair styles

Over the last few years, the hair extensions industry has expanded at an astronomical rate as more women look for ways to add length and body to their short hair styles.

In fact, it’s been statistically proven that the number of hair salons offering clip in and sew in hair extensions has risen by about 28.5% over the last two years alone. If you’re considering getting hair extensions for yourself, you’re certainly not alone in wanting them!

But when it comes to the type of hair extensions that will work best for your unique hair texture and length, things may get a little more confusing. Clip ins and sew in extensions are vastly different, and offer different advantages and disadvantages for the wearer.

So if you’re thinking that sew in hair extensions — often called weaves — are the right choice for you, be sure to read this list of the top pros and cons of this type of hair extension before investing in them:

Pro: Weaves look just like real hair

The highest-quality hair extensions are made with real human hair that matches your own hair’s texture and color. Because of this, no one will be able to tell you’re wearing hair extensions — and best of all, these extensions can be styled and washed just like your natural hair!

Con: Sew in extensions are high-maintenance

Because human hair grows at a rate of about one inch per month, you’ll need to constantly return to your hair stylist to have your sew in extensions adjusted and tightened to your scalp about once every six to eight weeks — a significant time commitment.

Pro: Extensions protect your hair

Having trouble growing out your hair because of the constant damage it undergoes everyday from styling tools, the sun and friction with clothing? With hair extensions, your real hair strands will be more protected from these things, letting you grow your locks out without being afraid of damage.

Con: Sew-in extensions are costly

Sadly, sew in hair extensions are far from free. A high-quality weave will likely set you back several hundred dollars and is a major investment. Additionally, if you can’t afford the cost of regular upkeep, it might be worth it to hold of on getting sew in extensions for a while.

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