The Advantages of Vaping with Disposable E Cigarettes

Vapor cigarette

By now you’ve likely heard that smoking rates are on the decline. Part of the decrease in smoking tobacco cigarettes has been attributed to the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, or e cigs. E cigarettes heat up an “e liquid” made from flavoring, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, and an optional amount of nicotine. Because puffing on an e cig, or vaping, is often seen as similar to smoking an actual cigarette, e cig use can satisfy both nicotine cravings and the desire for the physical sensation of smoking.

While some more advanced users in the vaping community prefer to use rechargeable electronic cigarettes, especially for the customization they offer, many experienced and new users alike choose disposable e cigarettes for the convenience factor. Disposable e cigarettes are made to be replaced after the e liquid inside them has run empty; after that, either the entire e cig or just the vapor cartridge inside it are recycled and replaced.

Why do so many users like vaping with disposable e cigs? Here are just a few of the top reasons why new and experienced vaping fans use these devices:

    1. Convenience: Rechargeable e cigarettes give users the chance to use their e cigs again and again. However, they also need to be taken care of, charged, and refilled on a regular basis. Disposable e cigs, however, are able to be used right out of the package. They can be used continuously until their batteries die and the e liquid runs out.

    2. Familiarity: People who have used e cigs as part of a smoking cessation effort often find that gum and patches just don’t hold the same appeal. Using disposable e cigarettes is a way for users to get the nicotine they crave all while performing an act that is familiar but does not have the same health risks as smoking. These e cigs also tend to look the most like “analog cigarettes,” which add another dimension of familiarity to the product.

    3. Choice: Disposable e cigs offer more choice than simply tobacco flavors. Just as these devices and their cartridges come in a variety of different colors, they also are available in plenty of different vaping flavors. In addition to tobacco and menthol flavoring, they also have fruit, vanilla, chocolate, and even coffee flavored e liquids inside them.

want to know why else vaping enthusiasts like disposable e cigs or want to share your own e cig preferences? Leave a comment below.

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