The Right Fit Tee Shirts In Advertising

Promotional t shirts

The imprinted sportswear industry is one of the largest in the nation, drawing $30 billion in annual sales. Custom tee shirt printing is part of that industry, and can be quite lucrative in advertising as well. For each dollar spent on advertising, a printed tee shirt can average 200 impressions on the consumer.

A great way to ensure that people are wearing your tee shirts is to integrate them into a consistent uniform, which increases brand recognition and awareness among employees and customers alike. 73.5% of people surveyed in a recent study found that uniforms are more effective than TV advertising. In addition to uniforms, you can invest in custom made tee shirts to wear to corporate events. Designing and wearing a tee with your logo and contact information on it will help customers remember you when reviewing your business card later.

If your organization has a company sports team, consider printing custom sweatshirts for them to wear to games and practices.

Custom tee shirts don’t have to be exclusive to your employees, however. Giving or selling tee shirts to customers turns them into a walking billboard every time they wear your shirt. Printing a custom tee as a promotional item, along with other products like hats, tote bags, and key chains, can help foster company loyalty and increase brand awareness. Tote bags can be even more effective than tee shirts, averaging 1,000 brand impressions for every advertising dollar spent.

When designing your company tees, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure your logo is clearly visible, with no small lines that may run together in printing. All contact information should be up to date, and typed in an easy-to-read font. Consider splitting a tagline or slogan between the front and back of the shirt, for an easy attention-getter. Lastly, you want to stay away from any slogans or images that can be considered offensive, insensitive, or too trendy. No one will want to wear a t-shirt with last year’s jokes on it.

You will also want to consider what material the shirts will be made of. Jersey shirts are made from a soft knit that is very durable. 100% cotton is very popular, but a cotton-polyester or cotton-spandex blend may be more comfortable.
When in doubt, consult your tee shirt printer. They will be able to tell you what images translate best from paper to print, and help you choose a material that fits all your needs.

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